second republic

capitalism versus socialism

Posted in Uncategorized by Administrator on the July 30th, 2018

capitalism consists in trying to get other pee.pole — by farce or by force — to do things for you while the essence of socialism is to do things for other people … so you can choose socialism … or lose in capitalism … because in a baphometic-masonic jewpartheid-mormon fallacious-fanatic phallic-folly fascistic-regime of religionism-militarism-capitalism YOU will indeed be NOTHING … you doo-doo dumb-dude cool-fool mule-stool …

[… cacapitalism pitches the deranged-individual against logical-society and in-doing-so angularly-supports the insular-insecure isolated-individualists and the illegal-interests of the selected-exclusive top-20% cliquish-elite against the wellbeing-welfare of the disenfranchised-disenchanted bottom-80% of at-will-employees on fixed-salaries and paycheck-to-paycheck exploited-workers on meager-wages … like-you poo-poo yankee-monkey …)

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