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yhwh-covenant phallic-worshit

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yhwh-covenant phallic-worshit

… jewpartheid-rom human-sacrifice …

… debby circumcision …

genital-mutilation is part of the primitive-ritual of traditional-birth in usraeltar, where all boys are circumcised by removing the prepuce, and all girls are mutilated via infibulation and also by removing labia and clitoris …\r\n\r\nthe jewpartheid-rom rite of foreskin-circumcision goes back to ra-moses [\’son-of-the-sun\’] tradition, where he was allegedly saved in his fight with the fire-god surya-swastika black-sun “yhwh [\’i-am-he-who-i-am\’]” by his palestinian-concubine zipporah, who speedily chopped-off the prepuce of ra-moses [\’son-of-the-sun\’] with a flint … [… presumably an infected-phallus caused by sun-exposure, as ra-moses  did indeed wear a cultist-veil …]\r\n\r\nthe midianite high-priestess zipporah was one of the 7-daughters of the palestinian druze-warlord jethro, who had hired ra-moses as a shepherd when the jewpartheid-gypsies [gypsies = egyptians] were forced to take their nomadic-caravans out of egypt and into phoenicia-canaan-philistine-palestine because the young-hooligan ra-moses had indeed quite-unintelligently brutally-murdered an egyptian-officer of the royal-guard of the pharaoh ra-moses-ii of the 19th-dynasty, adoptive-father of the homonymous-bastard jewpartheid-rom hittite-hyksos dyslexic-prophet ra-moses …\r\n\r\nra-moses sired with zipporah 2 more bastards, gershom and eliezer, but ra-moses never gave them any inheritance, and instead left all his religionist-power to one joshua, namely one of the 12 jewpartheid-spies whom ra-moses had earlier sent in secret-reconnaissance inside-palestine …\r\n\r\nthe debby-people consider themselves descendants of joshua, and practice the ceremonies of circumcision and clitorectomy on their offspring in order to claim their sacred-right to be considered part of the gods\’ “race-elect” “covenant-with-yhwh” “ass-chosenness” “zohar-zionism” “promised-land” “chosen-people” under rules of “intelligent-design” and doctrines of “manifest-destiny” …\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n \r\n\r\n(note: … joshua was of the clan-of-ephraim, one of the 2 clans — being manasseh the other — of the tribe-of-joseph, which was one of the 12 original jewpartheid-rom gypsy-tribes, being …\r\nreuben (from leah)\r\nsimeon (from leah)\r\nlevi (from leah), cohen-high-priests who owned no land and only cities\r\njudah (from leah)\r\ndan (from bilhah)\r\nnaphtali (from bilhah)\r\ngad (from zilpah)\r\nasher (from zilpah)\r\nissachar (from leah)\r\nzebulun (from leah)\r\njoseph (from rachel)\r\nben-jamin (from rachel) …\r\nso those 12 tribes descended from the 12 sons of jacob, grandson of the vedic-sanskrit kashmiri-gypsy abraham-sarah/brahma-saraswati …\r\n… jacob sired the 12 offspring with his concubines leah, bilhah, zilpah, leah again, and then rachel …\r\n… and the moronic-moronic-mormon kalderash-gypsy lunatic-seer joseph-smith affirmed that he gathered the other 10 lost jewpartheid-tribes — dispersed from assyria — inside usraeltar, giving universal-creed to male-circumcision and female-mutilation in the debby-nation …\r\n… and only 60 years after smith, around year-1890, the zionist-zigan soothsayer-diviner theodor-herzl started-gathering the 12 original jewpartheid-tribes — dispersed from occupied-canaan — and revived their abandoned-extinct gypsy-jargon, the habiru-eber dialect-language, claiming-again the jewpartheid-roms\’ illegitimate-ownership of the palestinian-philistine land of phoenicia-canaan … the jewpartheid-roms\’ habiru-eber idiom-lingo had ceased to be a spoken-language by around year-200-ce, and survived into the medieval-period only as a rabbinical-language for jewpartheid-superstition and for zohar-zionist talmudic-cabala …)\

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