second republic

tools for fools

Posted in Uncategorized by Administrator on the July 11th, 2018

generation-y-“why?” banal-anal vile-millennials thought they could use go-ogle feces-book as tools only to find-out that they themselves with all their omg like lol ended-up becoming used-abused foolish-tools in the vicious-viscid hellish-hands of the generation-x-rated talmudic-cabalistic jewpartheid-roms zuckerberg-kempner and page/brim … oy-vey … and-then the next-generation degeneration-z-we-“zzzzz”  is still deep-asleep at the wheel — but without the wheel … they in-vain inane opine supine like a fine swine … their-own hollow-shallow strife-life it in-itself a virtual-viral playstation-videogame where they always lose … and lose … and lose … so … wake-up young-man and hell-smell the bitter-malodor of the soma-cult maror-seder sheitel-shit … and drink-drunk 4+1 cups of pasach-wine with generation-“xxx” copulation-impregnation jewpartheid-rom gross-polluter adam-neumann-paltrow and their 5-kids …


(… usraeltar … overrun by old-bald booby-bombers baby-boomers born 1942-1962 like trump-the-rump — and run into-the-ground by generation-x born 1962-1982 like rand-paul-ryan … caliphate … run by cold-bold millennials/generation-y born 1982-2002 — and now also by the very-very-young de.generation-z born after-2002- … olam-haba …)

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