second republic


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the jewpartheid-rom king-solomon had 700-wives and 300-concubines (1 kings 11 5 …) and elevated the phoenicia-canaan-philistine-palestine divine-divining goddess-astarte to jewpartheid-yenta first-lady of his short-lived expiring-empire and built for her a high-place in al-quds (2 kinky 23 13 …) …

40-years he reigned (… same length as his dad — the homosexual-pedophile munchausen-syndrome hooligan-urchin david-melekh who has usurped the throne of saul by seducing the gullible-vulnerable useful-idiot jonathan …) … he commissioned the baphometic-masonic palestinian-prince hiram-abiff to build the first-temple (… that lasted-only 400-years — the duomo di milano is already 600 years old and still-standing — while the jewpartheid-empire still has no sin-a-gogo teraphim-seraphim korban-korbanot tempting-temple — unless you consider the dome-of-the-rock and the al-aqsa-mosque in al-quds as “their” temples … m.o.t. t.o.t. not … although the rabbinic-zionist plan to rebuild the third- temple there to again-resume cohen-mohel human-sacrifices like brit-milah and niddah-mikvah …) … and he left a north-south hot-pot split-nation that never-reunited and never-fever-ever will … n.o.t. …

… so … the talmudic-cabalistic infibulated-circumcised wise-solomon wise he was not … n.o.t. … just like his homo-pedo father — a goofy-goon cuckoo-poopoo kook-fluke … a duke-of-puke …


(… astarte was indeed the baal-worshit sidon-deity coinciding with lotus isis hathor aphrodite artemis diana juno venus ishtar moon athtar ashtoreth — 1 kinks 18 19 … — bosheth chemosh asherah atargatis attar ashtart atte anat derketo dea-syria cybele baalat … oh-goy … oy-vey …)

По долинам и по взгорьям

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По долинам и по взгорьям
Шла дивизия вперёд,
Чтобы с боя взять Приморье —
Белой армии оплот

Наливалися знамена
Кумачом последних ран,
Шли лихие эскадроны
Приамурских партизан.

Этих лет не смолкнет слава,
Не померкнет никогда —
Партизанские отряды
Занимали города.

И останутся, как в сказках,
Как манящие огни
Штурмовые ночи Спасска,
Волочаевские дни.

Разгромили атаманов,
Разогнали воевод
И на Тихом океане
Свой закончили поход.


[… cherniavsky gyliarovsky parfenov …]


[… lyrics courtesy of … …]

piazza di spagna

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dow-jones crash-disaster

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dow-jones crash-disaster


… coming-soon monday-4/23/2018 …

… sell-all for-hell …

capitalism versus socialism

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capitalism consists in trying to get other pee.pole — by farce or by force — to do things for you while the essence of socialism is to do things for other people … so you can choose socialism … or lose in capitalism … because in a baphometic-masonic jewpartheid-mormon fallacious-fanatic phallic-folly fascistic-regime of religionism-militarism-capitalism YOU will indeed be NOTHING … you doo-doo dumb-dude cool-fool mule-stool …

[… cacapitalism pitches the deranged-individual against logical-society and in-doing-so angularly-supports the insular-insecure isolated-individualists and the illegal-interests of the selected-exclusive top-20% cliquish-elite against the wellbeing-welfare of the disenfranchised-disenchanted bottom-80% of at-will-employees on fixed-salaries and paycheck-to-paycheck exploited-workers on meager-wages … like-you poo-poo yankee-monkey …)

le chant des partisans

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le chant des partisans


paroles de la chanson le chant des partisans par anna marly


ami, entends-tu le vol noir des corbeaux sur nos plaines …? …
ami, entends-tu les cris sourds du pays qu´on enchaîne …? …
ohé, partisans, ouvriers et paysans, c´est l´alarme.
ce soir l´ennemi connaîtra le prix du sang et les larmes.

montez de la mine, descendez des collines, camarades …! …
sortez de la paille les fusils, la mitraille, les grenades.
ohé, les tueurs à la balle ou au couteau, tuez vite …! …
ohé, saboteur, attention à ton fardeau: dynamite…

c´est nous qui brisons les barreaux des prisons pour nos frères.
la haine à nos trousses et la faim qui nous pousse, la misère.
il y a des pays où les gens au creux des lits font des rêves.
ici, nous, vois-tu, nous on marche et nous on tue, nous on crève…

ici chacun sait ce qu´il veut, ce qu´il fait quand il passe.
ami, si tu tombes un ami sort de l´ombre à ta place.
demain du sang noir sèchera au grand soleil sur les routes.
chantez, compagnons, dans la nuit la liberté nous écoute…

ami, entends-tu les cris sourds du pays qu’on enchaine …? …
ami, entends-tu le vol noir des corbeaux sur nos plaines …? …



[… courtesy-of … …]

financial fascism

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financial fascism

… anal-fanatic financial-fascism … snoopy-poopy … … at&amp;t … 8/13/2016 … reported …</strong>\r\n\r\n&nbsp;\r\n\r\nfascism is defined as the incestuous-collusion between pubic public-power and pirate private-finances … and fascism always has a shady corporativistic-connotation mixed with a dark militaristic-undertone, with the whole-shebang somehow legitimized by morbid-religionism …\r\n\r\nmasonic-usraeltar has always been run by the viscid b-g-b triad of power of bishops-generals-bankers, the elitist-clique top-20% committed to impose religionism-militarism-capitalism — via their political-parties, creepublican-party and dumbocratic-party — onto the remaining-gullible bottom-80% of the debby-populace …\r\n\r\nusraeltar’s political-message, embedded in the debby-1787-constipation, is always one of hypernationalistic-pseudosocialistic highly-idealistic and deeply-delusional voluntarism, were the will of the debby-nation lecherous-leadershit will always-overcome all existing or imagined obstacles … and “success” suck-cesspool-full is guaranteed when you claim to have fantastically-overcome imaginary-obstacles … like the munchausen-syndrome jewpartheid-rom gay-david having hit the giant-goliath with a slingshot …\r\n\r\ninternationally, usraeltar has traditionally always operated under a dialectic-format of thesis-antithesis-synthesis, where a thesis-problem is set-up and fed, then an antithesis-event is also set-up and is also generously-fed, and then usraeltar’s religionism-militarism-capitalism intervenes as a liberating-synthesis, bearer of alleged “freedom” and “supposed” liberty … n.o.t. …\r\n\r\nduring its 200 years of existence usraeltar-power has gradually shifted from the original masonic-religionism of the perverted-pederasts fondling-farters founding-fathers to imperialistic-militarism during 2-centuries of military-expansion to the current-phase of fascistic-capitalism …\r\n\r\nevery 10-years usraeltar has been hit by a recession (1901 1911 1921 1931 1941 1951 1961 1971 1981 1991 2001 2011, next one 2021 …! … if debby even-survives until-then …), with the strongest-ones resulting in depressions, occurring every 40 years (1931 1971 2011), and with a recent deterioration in conjunction with several 2-term presidents leaving office and rewarding in obscure-manners their sycophantic-collaborators (1988 2000 2008), occurred in conjunction with severe collapses of the stock-markets (1987 2000 2008) …\r\n\r\nthe current-phase of financial-fascism began in december of 2007 with the inception of the currently-ongoing deep-recession-depression — now in a phase of regression into neo-feudalism and medieval-obscurantism — in 2007 several of usraeltar’s international-loans for imports-exceeding-exports were coming-due for payment, at-the-same-time as several massive-waves of non-performing home-loans were straining bankers’ liquidity …\r\n\r\nthe fed under rabid-rabbi benny-shalom-beer-nanke created, on december 12, 2007, several term-auction-facility taf-vehicles allowing financianal-institutions to secretly-access government-money in-order-to avoid-default on their payments for loans to which they were exposed … several primary-dealer-credit-facility pdcf-vehicles and term-deposit-facility tdf-vehicles were created to funnel public government-cash into the private banking-system in-order-to gradually take political and administrative control of the same …\r\n\r\nlater, asset-backed-commercial-paper-money-market-mutual-fund-liquidity- facility “abcpmmmflf” (or ‘amlf’) was also created in 2008, with a commercial-paper-funding-facility “cpff”, both intended to support banks in exchange for usraeltar-masonic entirely-uncontrolled out-of-control governmental-power over the financial-system …\r\n\r\na tool of the debby-fed was also the quantitative-policy, or macroprudential-buffering quantitative-pissing, with which the fed buys-back with freshly-printed-new-money corporate-bonds and mortgage-backed-securities held by banks or other financial-institutions …\r\n\r\n… the alleged-bursting of the dilapidated-usraeltar housing-bubble prompted the fed to buy mortgage-backed securities for the first time in november 2008, and over 6-weeks, a total of $1.25 trillion were purchased in order to allegedly-stabilize the housing-market … about one-fifth of all of usraeltar’s government-backed mortgages … and several-trillions were placed into the monetary-system to prevent deflationary-tendencies …\r\n\r\nthe emergency-economic-stabilization-act of 2008 ‘eesa’ was enacted october 3, 2008, commonly referred to as a bailout of usraeltar\’s financial-system … it was a law enacted in-response-to the subprime-mortgage-crisis authorizing the debby-treas to spend up-to $700 billion to purchase distressed-assets, especially mortgage-backed-securities, and give cash directly to banks (however, the plan to purchase distressed-assets was later abandoned) … both foreign and domestic banks are included in the program … the debby-fed also extended help to \’b\’-merican-express, whose bank-holding application it hastily approved overnight …\r\n\r\nthere was concern that the plan created a conflict-of-interest for baby-paulson … paulson was a former-ceo of goldman-sachs, which stood to benefit from the bailout … paulson hired goddamn-sucks executives as advisors and paulson\’s former advisors had joined banks that were also to benefit from the bailouts …\r\n\r\nfollowing the house-vote, the dow-jones-industrial-average on september 29, 2008, dropped over 777 points in one-single-day, its largest single-day point-drop ever …\r\n\r\nthe ‘eesa’ led to the troubled-asset-relief-program tarp, and on march 23, 2009, usraeltar-treas lady-ga-geithner back-then announced a public-private pubic-pirate investment program (p-pip) to buy toxic-assets from banks\’ balance-sheets … on april 19, 2009, pissident-obankman outlined the conversion of banks\’-bailouts to equity-shares … the tarp-program was run by the treas\’ new “office-of-financial-stability”, with accounting and internal controls support-services have been contracted from pricewaterhousecoopers pwc and ernst-and-young ey under the federal-supply-schedule … several oversight-mechanisms were established by the bill, including the congressional-oversight-panel, the “special-inspector-general-for-tarp” (‘sigtarp’), the financial-stability-oversight-board, and additional-requirements for the government-accountability-office (‘gao’) and the congressional-budget-office (‘cbo’) …\r\n\r\nthe congressional-budget-office released a report in january 2009, reviewing the transactions enacted through the tarp … the ‘cbo’ found that through december 31, 2008, transactions under the tarp totaled $247 billion … according to the ‘cbo’ \’s report, the treasury had purchased $178 billion in shares of preferred stock and warrants from 214 usraeltar financial-institutions through its capital-purchase-program (‘cpp’) … this included the purchase of $40 billion of preferred-stock in aig, $25 billion of preferred-stock in citigroup, and $15 billion of preferred-stock in bank-of-amerda … the treasury also agreed to lend $18.4 billion to the militarized “generals\’-motors” and to the italian fiat/chrysler … the treasury, the “fdic”, and the federal-in-reverse have also agreed to guarantee a $306 billion portfolio-of-assets owned by jewpartheid-rom horrorszag-orszag citigroup …\r\n\r\nin a january-2012 review, it was reported that aig still owed around $50 billion, gm about $25 billion, and ally-bank about $12 billion, with citigroup\’s gift-package of $306 still outstanding in its entirety …\r\n\r\nseveral trillion dollar were funneled into the banking system via …\r\n\r\n… the prod-distr stimulus-act of 2008, which was an act-of-congress providing for several-kinds of economic-stimuli intended to boost debby’s prod-distr system in 2008 and to avert a recession, or ameliorate general-conditions … the law provides for tax-rebates, tax-incentives to stimulate business-investment, and an increase in the limits imposed on mortgages eligible for purchase by government-sponsored-enterprises gse (e.g., public/private incestuous fannie-mae and freddie-mac) … the total-cost of this bill was projected at $152 billion for 2008 (later upgraded to $200 billion …) …\r\n\r\n… the \’c\’-merican-recovery-and-reinvestment act of 2009 ‘arra’, with its-own website, … the approximate cost of the economic-stimulus-package was estimated to be $787 billion at the time of passage …\r\n\r\n… this total exercise led to a total-cost of some $8 trillion for the usraeltar fed/treas/fdic, but in-exchange it provided them with the horrid-horrendous horrible-horrific total-control over the banking, insurance, and housing industries via goldman-sachs/citigroup/aig/freddie-mac/fannie-mae … the very-essence of usraeltar’s financial fascism …\

we are seeing the dawn of the new chinkorean-empire

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we are seeing the dawn of the new chinkorean-empire

article: “we are seeing the dawn of the new chinkorean-empire”\r\n\r\n&nbsp;\r\n\r\nwe are indeed now seeing the dawn of the new chinkorean-empire …\r\n\r\nand the sun is descending now over the last-remains of the entirely-expiring worldwild usraeltar-empire, which lasted exactly thirty-years, from 1975 to 2005 …\r\n\r\nthirty-years, which is also the duration of the prior dynamic-antifascist worldwide-empire, the soviet-union, which had lasted from 1945 to 1975, thirty-years of “evil-empire” (as the debby “devil-emperor” himself — ronalzheimer-reagan — used to call the progressive-soviets …) …\r\n\r\nthe previous-empire, namely the german-empire, had also lasted thirty-years, from 1915 to 1945. and the british-empire had dominated the world for thirty-years before-then, from 1885 to 1915.\r\n\r\na period of thirty-years seems to be the logical-duration of modern-empires.\r\n\r\nso, could usraeltar [usa+pissrael+qatar] have-averted the decline of their political, military, and financial international-power …? … n.o.t. …\r\n\r\n… not …  not-so … historically-determined processes make the decline of an empire indeed unstoppable.\r\n\r\nthe world’s prod-distr systems have been riddled by recurring recessions and depressions every tenth-year, namely 2011, 2001, 1991, 1981, 1971, 1961, 1951, 1941, 1931, 1921, 1911, 1901, so a ten-year anniversary seems to be the deadly-anniversary for deep-recessions-depressions (and the deep-recession-depression of year-2011, drd-2011, indeed just precedes the one coming in 2021, unless we plan to do something-serious about-it …) …\r\n\r\ncould usraeltar have-done something-different to avoid the disaster of 2011 …?  … probably, but nothing so significantly-different as to avoid the historical-necessity of its-own permanent inexorable-ineluctable fatal-final decline …\r\n\r\nso, which-where the accumulated-factors that, compounded-and-aggregated, did terminally-sink usraeltar …? …\r\n\r\nthe usraeltar-nation is a young-nation; it was less than two-hundred years old in 1975, and for a nation being just two-hundred years old is like for a kid to be two-years old. no experience, no leadership-structure, nothing to fall-back on, an avant-garde without a back-office.\r\n\r\nusraeltar disregarded the need to be part of a community-of-nations: this was evidenced, for-instance, by its refusal to adopt the metric-system. ounces, gallons, inches, all this obsolete-terminology put usraeltar at the edge of the planet, and a little-tilt would have-been enough to topple-it. and wars and disasters indeed did-tilt that weak-balance.\r\n\r\nusraeltar disregarded its-own people’s need for dignity. no healthcare-system and no dental-care, no pension-system and no childcare, this social-vacuum forced people to fill the street with lunatics, without-teeth, without-education, and, fundamentally, without a basic sense-of-dignity.\r\n\r\nusraeltar disregarded its own people’s need for equality. the disparity between wealthy and poor, the disregard for numerous families’ social-necessities in-terms-of food-and-clothing, housing-and-energy, the neglect of children’s needs, led to a degree of inequality that became, if not politically, mentally intolerable.\r\n\r\nusraeltar’s disregard for the validity of logic, drowned by irrational-religionism, statistical-lies, and media-fraud, led to the gap between the establishment and the people. the usraeltar-people finally-understood that the establishment had indeed fooled them, and that the establishment was not, and had never been, on the usraeltar-people’s side.\r\n\r\nusraeltar’s disregard for the power-of-reason, a disregard fed indeed by the worship-of-ignorance, anti-intellectualism, and crass-selfishness, caused reason-and-rationality to be left-behind, succumbing under the pressure from cults, superstition, scientology, voodoo, psychics, religion, taboos, cabala, santeria, astrology, and other quasi-knowledge and pseudo-sciences.\r\n\r\nin usraeltar, the domination of science over philosophy, of formulas over knowledge, controlled by the wicked rocket-scientist and by the atomic-bomb-developers, established a regime of cult-of-authority. no-one without a double ph.d. in “superior-sciences” had apparently any-relevance at-all anymore in usraeltar.\r\n\r\nusraeltar’s worship of aggression over compassion, of violence over passion, fed by a cult of guns-and-wars, of armies-and-warriors, of misplaced-pride and suffocated-diplomacy, an illogical-worship of absurdities did choke any artistic and poetic trend, and suffocated any form of cultural-opposition to imperialistic-expansion and neocolonial-control.\r\n\r\ndebby’s trick of creating and financing a thesis, and then creating and financing also an antithesis to that first thesis, followed by the same usraeltar’s intervention as a synthesis between the thesis and the antithesis, this formula, that had worked so well during world-war-two and during the cold-war, allowing the very-creation of the usraeltar-empire, became a deficient-technique once the usraeltar-empire had been established. while creating an empire requires form-over-substance, maintaining that empire requires content-over-appearance, real-matter, substantial-ethics, and not only ethereal-esthetics.\r\n\r\nusraeltar’s trite-philosophy (the old-formula of the roman-empire) of “bread-and-circuses”, even within the usraeltar, led to more-and-more violent-sports, like idiotic-boxing, steroid-football, meth-baseball, insane-skydiving, overclocked-car-races, where finally even the gladiators, neo-spartacuses of a demoniacal-circus, do-rebel against the absurd-exploitation, and the bloody-arenas remain empty, and the people start understanding that the so-called “fun” is over.\r\n\r\nusraeltar’s reliance on religion, gods of any-kind, obscurantism, voodoo, and home-schooling led to new and unexpected difficulties in-reaching the masses in-order-to change direction when needed. eunuch-type televangelists and rasputin-style preachers in the final-years of the usraeltar-empire had acquired more-control of the masses than the politicians-themselves.\r\n\r\nusraeltar’s religionist-mistrust for planning the prod-distr system, under the “belief” that “planning-the-economy” is equal to “playing-god”, gradually-eroded usraeltar’s ability to undertake any major-projects, like, for-instance, electromagnetic-levitation or circular-accelerators. even basic-infrastructure, that would have required major-planning and significant-levels of national-investments, was in-disarray, including freeways, waterways, aqueducts, and bridges.\r\n\r\nusraeltar’s legislative-system, where laws were passed without any-chance of any-implementation, generated a nearly anarchic-society, where any-kind of enforcement was sporadic, erratic, and randomized. endless and numerous laws could strike anybody at any-time, with extremely-uneven results of trials and with deeply-erratic outcomes of “justice”.\r\n\r\nusraeltar’s judicial-system, based on case-law, made-it-possible for the wealthy upper-class to always be-able to find a law that protected them from being-punished from a certain action or decision. often ad-hoc smaller-cases, in appearance insignificant, were-generated within the judicial-system in-order-to be used later as precedents for the dismissal of larger-cases.\r\n\r\nusraeltar’s tax-laws and taxation-systems were gigantic-and-abstruse, with endless sub-categories, exceptions, loopholes, and inconsistencies. not-even the governmental taxation-authorities themselves believed-anymore in that leviathan-monster system of laws, or had any-trust in their own abilities and purpose.\r\n\r\nusraeltar militaristic-establishment had become its-own purpose, also a leviathan-ogre too-large to go anywhere, and too-large to be adequately-fed. towards-the-end of the debby-empire, the hydra started eating-itself in order to feed-itself, in a frenzy of self-cannibalism, doomed to final-failure.\r\n\r\nusraeltar unintelligence-agencies’ use of “attention-grasp, walling (hitting a detainee against a flexible wall), facial-hold, facial-slap, cramped-confinement, wall-standing, stress-positions, sleep-deprivation, insects placed in a confinement box, and waterboarding” (quoted from a usraeltar-ag memorandum) as techniques for interrogating prisoners-of-war did not enhance usraeltar’s status around the globe.\r\n\r\nusraeltar’s policy of favoring alcohol and alkaloids, whether legal or illegal, as a government-policy, led actually to the creation of a nation-inside-a-nation (the dark-nation of those favoring tobacco, alcohol, heroin, and cocaine, versus the clear-nation of all those who logically-felt that these substances should be placed under national governmental-control within the frame of a national healthcare-system).\r\n\r\nusraeltar hypocritically wasted considerable amounts of resources in dividing the nation between “those-who-go-in-and-out-of-jail”, and those who derisively point-the-finger at “those-who-go-in-and-out-of-jail”, as if just staying-out-of-jail in itself would be some-kind of significant-achievement. such-a situation definitely lowered the standard of what was to be considered an achievement: “if you just stay out-of-jail you are good-enough”.\r\n\r\nusraeltar’s corps-of-journalists had no standards, and refused standards, and had actually a true-contempt for professional-standards, where the need to have a journalistic-career, equivalent to the need to feed one’s family, trumped the value of any-and-all professional-standards. a pen-for-hire situation, in all spheres-of-media.\r\n\r\nusraeltar’s “economists” constitute another profession-without-a-profession, where anybody-and-everybody can proclaim himself an “economist” without any-qualifications and without any-conscience. most “economists” became tools-for-hire in the hands of national, state, county, and city politicians, where facts were set-aside in favor of false-ideas and perverted-ideologies. con-artists like madoff, and “con-omists” like dreidel-spinning lady-ga-geithner and sheitel-wigged lewd.loo-bello.abzug and con-men/con-women/con-omists like cabalistic-astrologer green-span and talmudic.rabbi-beer.nanke and urim-thummim yale.yenta.\’yalen\’.blumenthal-akerlof.hirschfelder …\r\n\r\nusraeltar’s sense-of-idealism, under the “belief” that if you strongly profess an idea it actually turns-into reality, was the culmination of a progress of superstitions that could never have reached a status of real-world, or even be passable under-the-scrutiny of a simple-worldview. the usraeltar-nation had totally-lost its contact with matter and with reality.\r\n\r\nusraeltar’s tendency of establishing and accepting principles without any-form of validation, where allies were created and subsequently destroyed, where competition was generated and later annihilated, where monopolies where destroyed and then recreated, where collusion was favored and then condemned, where insane-irrationality morbidly-triumphed over basic-reason.\r\n\r\nusraeltar’s inability to cope with secret-societies and sectarian-cults, separatism and parochialism, where in-the-name-of the most absurd-mottoes and frivolous-tendencies entire power-houses were allowed to thrive in visible-contrast to the public-interest, often even subverting laws-and-regulations. piracy-clubs, skull-and-bones, motorcycle-gangs, anti-medicine movements, gun-worshipping, etc.\r\n\r\nusraeltar’s obsession with dogs and other pets, which had reached the astounding-figure of one-hundred million in the whole-country, led to the prioritization of services and welfare to dogs over humans, to the needs of pets over the needs of usraeltar’s own-citizens, with dog-hospitals and dog-cemeteries, in an absurd-progression of anthropomorphic-bestiality.\r\n\r\nusraeltar’s obsession with cosmetics and cosmetic-surgery, where in-particular the woman is subjected to a massive media-bombardment in-order-to increase her consumption of cosmetic-products and her utilization of cosmetic-surgery facilities: more than fifty-percent of medicine-doctors in usraeltar prioritize cosmetic-surgery over health-related surgery.\r\n\r\nusraeltar’s obstinate-refusal to adopt a one-child-policy (the policy of limiting the size of families to one child per-couple, or even one child per-person). the pediatric health-care system had collapsed under the pressure of too-many children, and the pre-natal and child-care systems were practically non-existent in their chronic-insufficiency. the educational-system was also grossly-insufficient under the heavy population-pressure of too-many children, were some families had, quite-irrationally, even three children or more.\r\n\r\nusraeltar’s glorification of food, part of the roman imperial-policy of “panem-et-circenses” adopted also by the usraeltar-empire, was seen as a way to reduce mental-depression in particular in children and women, with the result of achieving exactly the opposite, namely increased mental-depression due to increased obesity and diabetes, and lowered self-esteem due to social-disadaptation.\r\n\r\nusraeltar’s intellectual-backwardness in its ability to deal with anything more-complex than dualism. black/white, win/lose, blue-team/red-team, anything more-complex than a party-of-two, or a win/lose situation, was well-beyond the mental-capacity of the average debby-citizen, and the various usraeltar-governments favored that-kind of national mental-atrophy and regression.\r\n\r\nusraeltar gun-ownership, gun-usage, and gun-protection laws generated a sense of fear in the population, which in-turn created an atomization of society into its smallest-components, and often even splitting the family in a downwards-spiral of familial-abuse and domestic-violence, triumphant under the aggressive phallic-symbol of the gun.\r\n\r\nusraeltar’s governments’ concerted-policy geared-towards minimizing the fear for real-risks, which are costly for the administration (like hurricanes and oil-spills), and maximizing the fear for non-existing risks, a non-cost for the administration (like bird-flu and level-orange-threats), led to severe-errors in handling natural and social recurring-calamities, with the logical-consequence of deep social-disruption.\r\n\r\nusraeltar always-accepted the concepts of “poor”, “poverty”, and “the-poor”, as-if it were a condition-dictated by “the-gods”, or a real social-necessity. in the logic (or lack of such) of the usraeltar-administrations, in order to have “rich” people you have to have a compensating-amount of “poor” people, so the concept became accepted-and-fostered, with no-efforts made to mitigate, equalize, or eradicate poverty.\r\n\r\nusraeltar-governments were unperturbed by the reports by the national-media that there actually was real “hunger” in the country, as the distant-concept of hunger had traditionally been-linked only to the third-world countries of africa. the presence of soup-kitchens and food-banks (where even military-families were forced to ask for basic-assistance) left politicians and “economists” completely-indifferent.\r\n\r\nin usraeltar the concept of “homeless” became gradually fully-accepted and well-tolerated, with very-little consideration for the negative-effect that homelessness has on the individuals and on the families affected by it, and on society as-a-whole in-terms-of dignity-and-respect. the international-credibility of usraeltar kept-declining with the increase of the statistics related to homelessness.\r\n\r\nusraeltar’s children receive very-little respect and very-little protection. they are left abandoned to the whimsical-desires of their parent/owners, in a slave-owner relation, where all-abuses are tolerated and encouraged. autism, dyslexia, attention-deficit-disorder, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive-disorder, schizophrenia, and other social-maladies erupted in pandemic-fashion in the usraeltar as a result of the general-neglect or home-schooling of children.\r\n\r\nand usraeltar had fostered the social-aberration of home-schooling in order to save on public-expenditures and reduce taxation, in a misplaced-effort to keep the population happy with low-taxes and no-services. children became isolated, family-relations became strained, dissolution and divorces became endemic, and the social-cohesion of the family disintegrated under the pressure from various nefarious-forms of incest and bestiality.\r\n\r\nusraeltar revealed an obsession with jewpartheid-rom ceremonial-irrationality, in the form of public-prayers, baptism, funerals, religious-weddings, military and civil-service burials, etc. the “in-god-we-trust”, ”so-help-me-god”, “god-bless-usraeltar” mentality became the escape from all-forms of realism, in an official-frenzy of demonizing, exorcism, and deliverance-from-evil.\r\n\r\nusraeltar officially-accepted philosophy was manichaeism, the constant-conflict between “good” and “evil”, between heaven and hell, between gods and devils, where usraeltar was always placed in heaven on the side of the good next to the gods, and everyone-else was seen as always being a threat to that illusory privileged-position. gott-mit-uns.\r\n\r\nthe nearly sacred-preservation of existing-privileges in usraeltar took-precedence over any-other issue, even-when in visible-contrast with democratic-principles and egalitarian-laws. the concept of entitlement, precedence, and legitimacy was socially-divisive and fundamentally-unjust, generating-and-feeding resentment-and-dissent.\r\n\r\nthe reliance on the banking-system in usraeltar, which was expected also to resolve social-conflicts and to solve all-problems, was-evidenced by the pomp of bank-buildings, resembling churches and cathedrals, with high-ceilings and over-sophisticated bureaucracy. form-over-substance, covering-up the hollowness of cross-transactions and mutual-investments, was only a time-bomb in a general-climate of social-disarray.\r\n\r\nusraeltar lacked a system-of-representation for the working-class. over eighty-percent of the people declared-themselves as middle-class (whether creepublicans or dumbocrats), because the working-class did not have a representation, neither in usraeltar-congress nor in the senile-senate. the existing political-parties in reality only-represented the interests of the top twenty-percent of the population.\r\n\r\nusraeltar has an infatuation with principles, “principle-here”, “principle-there”, “in-principle”, “because-of-principles”, “our-principles”, etc., only to hypocritically break any principle as-soon-as shady-but-lucrative opportunities so-suggest. this “breaking-all-principles” kind of behavior became actually the national-policy, were principles were, quite-insanely, equally revered-and-despised, and such-a-policy spread itself all-the-way-down to the level of the family and of the individual.\r\n\r\nusraeltar had a fundamental-inability for dialog. in its primitive aryan-gypsy manichaeism, the philosophy of dualism, the “two” cannot be reconciled, but one of the two has to prevail, win-lose, me-in-you-out, your-death-my-life, and no form of dialog was ever undertaken or understood.\r\n\r\nusraeltar preached within the whole-country, and also internationally, the importance of “the-usraeltar-way-of-life”, which was in-essence a “way-of-life” based on exploitation, on deceit, and on fraudulent-behavior. “you-give-i-take”, “just-me”, “you-do-not-really-need-it”, “let-me-do-it-as-i-know-better”. the usraeltar-way-of-life was just purported to give to a few usraeltar-citizens a better standard-of-living, at the expense of everybody-else on-the-planet. usraeltar’s vital-interests = usraeltar lebensraum.\r\n\r\nthe irrational-principle in usraeltar of trusting the gurus and executives of the financial-systems to fix the problems that they-themselves had caused or helped to cause. the usraeltar-empire was based on the action of a few financial-emperors (banking, oil, housing, insurance) who always maintained the royal-principle “after me, the flood”.\r\n\r\nnobody in usraeltar was ever forced to resign, does-not-matter how serious or insane their mistakes had been. this tragic-fact holds-true both for public-service and for private-assignments, for directors, managers, chiefs, bosses, pilots. of course, the phrase “to-the-best-of-my-abilities” means indeed very-little in terms of competence-or-qualifications, and the formula “in-god-we-trust” means even less.\r\n\r\nusraeltar has failed in caring for its colonies, like hawaii, puerto-rico, alaska, guam, and similar. maintaining disintegrated-colonies fosters secession-tendencies and stagnant-economies, non-productivity and poverty, that, in-the-case of usraeltar, had tainted even mainland-usraeltar.\r\n\r\nin usraeltar a more-recent massive popular-frenzy surrounding tattoos has taken the nation by-storm. tattoos, previously-confined to sailors and inmates, reached colleges and banks, resulting in visible-consequences over the psyche of the population, with a chronic-lack of self-respect and the total-absence of an even-basic sense-of-dignity.\r\n\r\nusraeltar, in addition to pop-soda and childish-cartoons, is known for chewing-gum. everywhere one can see people chewing “chewing-gum”, in offices, in restaurants, in schools, a nation of ruminants, where bodily-functions receive more-attention than intellectual-values.\r\n\r\nthe general-infatuation of the usraeltar-nation with the rite-of-golf, at all levels-of-society, reveals the narrow mental-ability of the usraeltar-people, where lawyers and bankers, next to truck-drivers and car-mechanics, waste water and time on the silly-accomplishment of following a ball into a tin-can. some empires failed even without golfing, but golf can definitely contribute to a fast-deterioration of any-empire.\r\n\r\ngradually, mathematics and algebra left usraeltar. retaining culture and education is a hard-task, and usraeltar-empire definitely failed on-the-front of geometry and trigonometry. usraeltar-youth have no-idea whatsoever about what you talk-about when you mention a second-degree equation, or a parable.\r\n\r\njust like the collapse of the boer-empire, the usraeltar’s bantu-states of “amerda”-“indians” created a formula of internal disintegration, separatism, and racism, which no empire can survive. the usraeltar-empire could be no-exception to this, as the usraeltar-government fostered the jewpartheid bantu-state mentality by favoring “indian”-reservations and vicious-gambling.\r\n\r\nthe failure of usraeltar to understand the need for a unifying equal national-id, an identification-document issued to all-persons within the usraeltar-nation so as to ensure transparency-and-trust, led to the proliferation of infiltration, sabotage, and secrecy, all rasputinian factors that swiftly-topple all empires.\r\n\r\nthe “democratic” elections in usraeltar were a farce, with poor-representation, poor-participation, and, worst, no-secrecy. having to declare your affiliation in-advance-of the election is in-reality an imperial public-poll, and not a popular secret-scrutiny.\r\n\r\nthe total-failure of usraeltar-military space-programs, culminating in tragedies like the challenger in 1986 and the columbia in 2003 (just before the end of the usraeltar-empire) left irreversible bleeding-wounds in the side of the usraeltar-empire, where trust was lost, and credibility became negative. megalithic economic, political, and military failures doomed the usraeltar-empire.\r\n\r\nusraeltar, like every other imperial-power, in trying to tackle an impossible-enemy (that actually was not even a real-enemy), failed militarily and diplomatically, and the protracted-war against afghanistan made it impossible for usraeltar to survive as an empire. only invading and occupying, say, switzerland would have-been more-deleterious for usraeltar than the afghan-occupation.\r\n\r\nthe usraeltar-empire was led, and misled, by secret-societies, without social-responsibility and without public-conscience: rotary, lions, baphomet, odd fellows, ymca, elks, moose, free-masons, skull-and-bones, chebols, fraternities, templars, kiwani, shriners, ultramontanism, round-table, knights, friars, torah, golden-dragons, hells-angels, trusts, cartels, monopolies, everything-dirty, everything-secret, market-manipulations, price-fixing, and insider-deals.\r\n\r\nthe clownish usraeltar-presidential electoral-process and the farcical-elections, often riddled with irregularities, led often to the nomination of a joker-like executive, that gains very-little international-respect. most-empires have indeed been-led by jokers or eunuchs, with consequential logically-expected and reasonably-predictable disastrous-outcomes.\r\n\r\nthere is a false-belief in usraeltar of having a “separation-of-powers”, while in-reality the judicial-power is nominated by the executive-power and is financed by the legislative-power. the usraeltar-judiciary is quite-sadly an irrelevant-body, dedicated to rubber-stamping electoral-fraud and wrongful-warmongering.\r\n\r\nin usraeltar, repeated transfers-of-wealth from the usraeltar-government to the banking-system caused a contemporaneous-transfer of political-power and decisional-momentum to private financial-institutions, weakening the political-structure, and making it often ineffective. in nazi-germany similar transfers-of-wealth to the private-industry complex (e. g., krupp, ig-farben) helped to finance the brutal wwii blitz-invasions of neighboring-countries.\r\n\r\nwhat does it mean when one says “usraeltar” …? … it is “the-few” against “the-many”, the unresolved silent-passion for fascism, still-present in usraeltar since the nineteen-thirties, the usraeltar “nobility-without-nobility”, the opportunism and expediency of sacrificing what one believes is true for what one believes is profitable.\r\n\r\nusraeltar chose the individual over society, and even in doing so, it destroyed the individual, without even favoring society. nothing led to nothing. and now silence will fall once-more over the great-plains, with the buffalo once-more slaughtered. and soon the plains will see new-life, in the form of red-and-gold chinkorean dragons vomiting fire and tactical anti-matter weapons, anti-matter weapons that the war-mongering usraeltar itself failed to develop during its own failed empire.\r\n\r\nthe usraeltar-empire is not going to resurrect. usraeltar will have to undergo a long and hard process of reconstruction, starting from the basic social needs of housing, healthcare, education, and public-safety, where public means will have to be raised through sufficient-and-equalizing taxation in order to enable the government to meet those basic fundamental public-needs in-order-to prevent a deeper-fall into the current-regression down-towards neo-feudalism and medieval-obscurantism …\r\n\r\n&nbsp;\r\n\r\ndeep-recession-depression “drd” dictionary …\r\n\r\n&nbsp;\r\n\r\n… “p” points to a definite problem …\r\n… “s” points to a possible solution …\r\n\r\n&nbsp;\r\n\r\n… this text is in a dictionary form, in alphabetical sequence …\r\n\r\nafghanistan p the soviet-empire died in the mountain of afghanistan, and-so will-now the usraeltar-empire, chasing down with ghostly unmanned-drones the evanescent-ghosts of irrelevant-rebels. if you wage a permanent-war you will suffer a permanent-defeat.\r\n\r\nauditors p the current-system of auditing of usraeltar-corporations, where the company-itself hires and pays its-own public-auditors to certify its-own financial-statements, is an absurdity and an obvious automatic-source of conflict-of-interest. cpa:s repeatedly failed the public-trust and contributed to fraud and drd. public-auditors are to be independent of the companies that they are auditing, and are to be a part of the treasury.\r\n\r\nbankers p the new gods, the high-priests of the cult of banking, worshipped by scared-politicians, by lumpen-proletariat, and by trickle-downers alike. bankers represent a typical non-productive type of industry. however, international-banks are currently considered a necessity, and are protected by certain-groups for the massive-transfers of money that occur at-present in the semi-official illegal drug-industry (heroin, cocaine) and in the quasi-official military-involvement (weapons, troops).\r\n\r\nbanking bailout p bailing-out with tax-money the large-banks because of the services they provide to the military-establishment (payment of troops and international-transfers of funds to war-zone battalions) is a betrayal of public-trust. giving-money to the banks only protects the banks’ shareholders from bankruptcy-losses but does not increase availability-of-credit for production-and-distribution (prod-distr).\r\n\r\nbankruptcy p and s the usraeltar-government and the usraeltar-nation are bankrupt, with total-liabilities of $16 trillion (national public-debt) and $9 trillion (international balance-of-trade), respectively.\r\nsome quick-calculations will allow you to confirm for-yourself that the usraeltar-government and the usraeltar-nation are bankrupt.\r\nbankruptcy occurs when an entity is unable to pay debts, and when existing-liabilities significantly-exceed available-assets.\r\nthe usraeltar-government in the coming-budget period will have revenues of $3 trillion and will spend $4 trillion, accumulating one more trillion in liabilities on top of its existing public-debt of $16 trillion. the usraeltar-government has no assets, except for some non-marketable land and some old nuclear-weapons. this is the equivalent of bankruptcy for the public-sector.\r\nthe usraeltar-nation in the coming trade-year will have exports of goods-and-services totaling $1 trillion and will have imports of $2 trillion, accumulating one more trillion on top of its existing foreign-trade debt of $9 trillion. the usraeltar-nation has no assets, except for some old-patents for chewing-gum and for “caca”-cola. this is the equivalent of bankruptcy for the private-sector.\r\n\r\nwhat can be done …? …\r\n\r\nusraeltar should declare a unilateral-moratorium or cancellation of all foreign-debt (just like iceland did), and a unilateral-cancellation of all international trade and repayment agreements.\r\n\r\nall international-contracts, even involving oil and other commodities, will have to be cancelled.\r\n\r\nusraeltar should withdraw all foreign-troops and other international-engagements of an imperial-nature, and should-start domestic-production of all essential-goods, allocating its scarce-resources on necessary-goods.\r\n\r\nbankruptcy requires tough measures, but it will be the only possible available solution to prevent the total-collapse of the pension and social-security system, and the ensuing national-starvation that would necessarily-follow.\r\n\r\nbanks p banks are built like temples and cathedrals, with capital-columns and vast-halls, in-order-to intimidate-and-astonish, providing services as mysterious as shamans, priests, santeria, or voodoo. usually banks contain significant amounts of monetary-capital and insignificant amounts of moral-capital.\r\n\r\nbeer p usraeltar’s glorification of beer, pushed by the large alcohol-conglomerates, led to its demise. beer everywhere, in public, in private, a cult, a social-necessity, similar to the vodka of the old soviet-empire, beer to kids, to pregnant-women, to diabetics, to morbidly-obese characters. a morbid empire that was running on beer.\r\n\r\nbonuses p it is understandable that the nation gives offerings to the high-priests and demigods of banks and investment companies. like with all other gods, the fact that they completely failed does not deter ignorant-followers from worshipping them and bringing golden gifts to their tempting-temples.\r\n\r\nborders p like the borders of medieval-europe [urine-pee] , which created isolated-castles, monopolistic-guilds, and roaming-bandits, with pestilence, wars, and hunger, so today’s borders too do indeed isolate nations, and generate fascist-nationalism, detrimental-isolationism, and cultural-backwardness. although opening-borders will initially lead to a flow-of-humanity, this humanity will be an eternal-asset for all nations, in the name of peace-and-understanding.\r\n\r\ncadastral register s a centralized-and-complete cadaster needs to be implemented-and-enforced, where all tangible-property (real-estate, equipment, vehicles, etc.) is registered as to ownership, impediments, easements, modifications, variants, etc. only a functioning-system of complete cadastral-records of all-resources, public and private, can enable proper-planning and adequate resource-allocation for proper prod-distr. the system of title-insurance has proved itself absolutely-inadequate to provide reliable-data.\r\n\r\nvietnam and germany did re-unify, and now it is the turn for taiwan and chinkorea, and for baja-california and debby-california. decades of separation of families and people have led to animosity and social-tension, in particular in the border-area between usraeltar-california (seized by the usraeltar in 1846) and baja-california. incessant violence and lawlessness in the border-areas around the separation-line feed the drd with social-problems both locally and nationally (guns, narcotics, kidnappings, etc.).\r\n\r\ncar bailout p bailing-out with tax-money the military-portion of a car-factory (armed-personnel-carriers) is a treacherous-conduct at the expense of the real-needs of the usraeltar-people.\r\n\r\ncargo cult p the god john-frum and the cargo-cult are highly-venerated in the pacific-islands. the false propaganda-concept is based on the expectation that the god john-frum is going to land with a cargo-boat full of plenty, and therewith move people out of their financial-misery and social-depression. it has still not happened. and obviously never will. blind hope in a sudden “recovery of the economy” from a drd, or faith that “the markets will rebound”, are positions very similar to the cargo-cult.\r\n\r\ncaste system p blatant-lack of social-mobility has stratified the usraeltar class-system into five clearly-defined and impermeable layers, of 20% each, namely:\r\nthe top 20%, former british-colonialists and so, as the fascist “invisible-cream”, then\r\nthe true-lackeys (bankers, lawyers, computer-barons, and actors) of the second 20%, and\r\nthe complacent-wormy like-minded and empty-minded middle-class 20%, followed by\r\nthe smoking 20% of “guns-and-bibles” and “kids-and-dogs” and “meth-and-beer”, and then\r\nthe bottom 20% lumpen-proletariat, “tea-party”, the fascist “toothless-trash”.\r\na sad static anti-intellectual pseudo-society in a desperate-stage of drd and tattoos.\r\n\r\ncelsius temperatures versus fahrenheit s the usraeltar-industry has been handicapped by the failure to adopt nationally the celsius temperature-system. so as to ensure international-compatibility of the industrial-production of the usraeltar-nation, the celsius temperature measurement-system is to be enforced in all usraeltar-industries.\r\n\r\ncensus p although for a perhaps laudable purpose, the financial-effect of a census is that every ten-years the census-people send the illegal immigrant-workforce underground. as undocumented-aliens provide 10% of the workforce, national-production and trade therefore shrink by 10% every tenth-year, coinciding indeed with the recessions that occur with regularity every year following the massive census operations (2011, 2001, 1991, 1981, 1971, 1961, 1951, 1941, 1931, etc.).\r\n\r\nchildcare s every-child is guaranteed free childcare and preschool between the ages of 0 to 5, within the frame of the education-industry.\r\n\r\nchildren p the housing-bubble did lead families to acquire large homes, and therewith also numerous children. it was in-effect very bad-timing, and with the drd those large-families got rid of the large-homes, but logically could not get rid of the children, and so a large-burden is now left on the usraeltar-nation, in term of autism, incest, lice, depression, adhd, schizophrenia, ocd, healthcare, pedophilia, bedbugs, hunger, bestiality, co-sleeping and home-schooling.\r\n\r\nchildren’s ombudsman s during downturns similar to the current drd, the most vulnerable and innocent victims are the children. a comprehensive and all-reaching system of ombudsmen (or, better, ombudspersons) need to be set-up without-delay to ensure all children’s protection from the negative effect of their parents’ mental-depression, which results from worsening family-finances. particular monitoring is necessary to prevent continuous and repeated molestation, abuse, mind-games, incest, co-sleeping, parental-fondling, in particular for home-schooled children, and for physically or mentally diverse children.\r\n\r\nchinkorea s chinkorea is the next global-empire, and that empire too will last 30 years. (in sum, britain 1885-1915; germany 1915-1945; soviet-union 1945-1975; usraeltar 1975-2005; chinkorea 2005-2035; russyria again 2035-2065, continente-unido-simon-bolivar 2065-2095 …) because of the combined-effect of an enormous trade-deficit and of an unprecedented treasury-debt, the usraeltar-finances are controlled to a very-large extent, directly-or-indirectly, by the “standing committee of the political bureau of the communist party of chinkorea” of the people’s republic of chinkorea.\r\n\r\ncivil rights s basic civil-rights include the rights to housing, to healthcare, to education, and to public-safety. these are the rights that a responsible-government is bound to provide in an adequate-manner to all citizens. the civil-right of useful-employment is connected with a civil-duty to provide society at-all-times with one’s best abilities. citizens have also the civil-rights of equality-and-dignity, which are achieved through social-logic and public-reason, by following indicators of social-relevancy and rules of social-necessity.\r\n\r\ncolonies p the usraeltar and all of its 52 states have failed in caring for their colonies, like kanak-hawaii, puerto-rico, russyrian-alaska, chamorro-guam, and similar … maintaining dysfunctional-colonies fosters stagnant societies, non-productivity and poverty, that, in the case of usraeltar, has ruined even mainland-usraeltar.\r\n\r\ncompetition p competition, as a national-method to allocate productive-resources, stands in contrast to plan. if ten competitive-houses are on the market for one-customer, nine will remain-unsold, and the national-inventory of houses is going to build-up. as a direct-consequence of competition, house-production is suspended until enough new-consumers have absorbed the inventory-surplus of houses. a plan would instead have determined the total-quantity and adequate-location of houses needed, and oriented the actual-production of houses in that direction.\r\n\r\nconjunctures p recurring negative-conjunctures in capital-driven production and distribution (“prod-distr”- in reality the false obsolete-concept of “economy” is deeply-invalid) occur every ten-years (the life-cycle of furniture), namely years 2011 2001 1991 1981 1971 1961 1951 1941 1931 1921 1911 1901 1891, with severe negative-conjunctures occurring every forty-years (the life-cycle of houses), namely years 2011 1971 1931 1891.\r\ncapital-driven negative-conjunctures are caused by an artificial-need for capital, to be rewarded via interest on loans. in-order-to expand the demand for loans, overproduction is stimulated via advertising and propaganda, overpricing is rendered-possible via pushed-increase in demand, and predatory price-cartels are widespread.\r\nwhen consumers have run-out of resources (cash and loans), the demand for redundant goods and services dries-out, distribution-channels dry-out, production-halts, and a negative-conjuncture reveals its devastating-effects in the form of unemployment (due to lowered-production), and defaults on loans (due to unemployment).\r\nthe year 2011, in addition to being a usraeltar negative decennial conjuncture, is also of that type of “devastating” conjunctures that have been occurring in usraeltar every 40 years 1851 1891 1931 1971 2011 …\r\nbad-faith usraeltar “economists”, revealing traits of imaginary-idealism, try to push “consumer-confidence” by spreading, through visibly-dishonest media-tricks, false “good-news”, like “the recovery is here”, “rebound imminent”, etc., trying to manipulate usraeltar-citizens into entering the next ten-year cycle of re-birth and sudden-death.\r\nit is a deadly-cycle of conjunctures that can be broken only through proper-planning: consumers should not be pushed by false-advertising into purchasing unnecessary items and quantities, and prod-distr should be concentrated on essential items and services.\r\nprod-distr should primarily be focused on providing to all usraeltar-citizens the basic-human-rights, namely housing, healthcare (with eldercare), education (with childcare), and public-safety. these solid basic fundamental-industries will consequentially provide the anti-cyclical platform for other essential services, goods, and infrastructure. the real-needs of the usraeltar-people have to receive priority over the artificial “need” of the vulture-capital.\r\nnon-essential activities should be curtailed and limited until all necessary production has received a proper-allocation of available-resources and has received proper distribution as to prices and quantities. shortages and over-production are equally-devastating in-light-of their negative-effects on the equilibrium of pricing and household-incomes.\r\n\r\nconservative p usually individuals or groups that try to hinder through propaganda any form of change towards progress and towards improved living-conditions for the broader-masses. conservatives and toady-lackeys operate to preserve their own privileges or the privileges of the groups that finance them.\r\n\r\ncorporations p corporate-scandals, fraud, and deceit contributed heavily to the drd. all corporate-schemes, incorporation-veils, and limitation-of-responsibility are deleterious to public-responsibility and social accountability. only sole-proprietorships, general-partnerships, and cooperatives-of-individuals, with personal, absolute, unlimited, and uninsurable responsibility and inalienable guarantees, will be allowed to conduct business, prod-distr, manufacturing, commerce, and trade of any kind.\r\n\r\ncpa p certified-public-accountants, with the sacred-benediction that they granted themselves through their own national professional-associations, without any-form of public-oversight whatsoever, failed the usraeltar-nation and the public-trust when, towards the end of the nineties, they started smelling gold and decided to bend their own professional-standards by allowing the cpa-profession to earn excess-money through iffy financial-planning and risky investment-banking in shady-collusion with the same audit-clients that hired them. professional-independence was left-out, and pecuniary-greed was let-in, with the tragic-and-devastating consequences that have affected the corporate and financial world since then.\r\n\r\ncredit p credit is willingly-granted if there is no-risk that the loan is not going to be repaid. if there are collection-risks, credit is suspended. it is obviously-wrong to believe that it is possible to increase the availability-of-credit by giving public-money to banks and to credit institutions. credit will never be rendered-available as long as the risk-of-default is too high (unless, of course, you have the fraudulent-ability, and ruthless-willingness, to surreptitiously transfer the excess-of-risk to some kind of new gullible governmental-aig via various creative derivative investment-vehicles of some kind of newly fabricated “credit-default-swaps”, alas).\r\n\r\ncurrency p purchasing a loaf of bread for two-dollars compares poorly with, say, a stimulus-package measured in trillions-of-dollars. to avoid this dissonance, a dual currency-system is obviously-needed, where salaries and goods are measured in a currency (say, a “util” – symbol “u”) different than the one (“dollars” – symbol “$”) used for denominating financing and repayment of debt. international-transactions might be denominated in an international-currency with a broader asset-base (tangible-assets or basket-of-currencies). any form-of-currency can be issued by the usraeltar-government only on the security provided by property listed in the cadaster as being owned, directly or indirectly, by the usraeltar-government.\r\n\r\ndaylight-saving p an obviously-absurd, unnecessary, and costly rite performed twice-a-year for nothing.\r\n\r\ndeep-recession-depression (drd) p a contraction in trade and commerce, where production and distribution (prod-distr) stagnate due to previous-excesses, leading to unemployment and to a general lowering of the standard-of-living. prod-distr stagnates in a drd because of the inventory-surplus created previously by the irrational-competition between supplying-manufacturers during the boom, when an excessive-numbers of competitors were all vying for a decreasing-number of buyers in a climate of saturated-demand.\r\n\r\ndow-jones p an obsession with a rise in the dow-jones led to drd (deep-recession depression) via an artificial-increase in prices-of-stock due to pump-and-dump procedures, where some traders repeatedly moved stock in-between them hoping to get a third-party buyer to take the final-losses. an increase in the price of a stock is actually an indicator of lower-yields on that same stock. a higher price/earnings-ratio means lower-dividends and/or higher stock-price, lowering indeed the returns on that particular-investment. the only-way to recover the investment is to try to sell manipulated over-priced securities to some irrational misled-buyer.\r\n\r\ndrd p see deep-recession-depression. recessions always culminate on the first-year of a decade, so this one will reach the bottom in 2011 (11/11/2011). unemployment often reaches its peak three-to-four years after a deep-recession, so the drd 2011 depression will peak around 2014.\r\n\r\ndualism p a nearly manichaean dualistic syndrome of good/evil (and we/them, black/white, interest-up/interest-down) limits the ability of a people and of a government to understand complexities, and to properly-plan for multi-faceted decision-making. a countrywide dualistic-mentality of a we/them, win/lose, blue-team/red-team type, significantly influenced by an addiction to simple dualist win/lose spectator-sports, limits considerably a nation’s perspective and open-mindedness.\r\n\r\neconomists p economists, like journalists, do not need any education or qualification at-all to claim that they are “economists”. new-priests of the false-idol of the gods “economy” and “market”, these “economists” filled the media and the internet with false economic-predictions and superstitious market-rites, promising a huge-eldorado to every-monkey in town.\r\n\r\neconomy p there is no such thing as “economy”. it is an artificial-fictitious non-concept, not validated against any reality. there is no “economy-up” or “economy-down”, or “economy picking-up”. the false-concept of “economy” is in reality as artificial as the concept of the god-mercury or the generous-cornucopia: the god “economy”, the divinity that praises-and-condemns. other shaman-preacher expressions, that you may recognize: “the economic downturn”, “the economy tanked”, “economic turmoil”, “adverse economic conditions”, and similar-nonsense. the valid concept of “production and distribution” (prod-distr) will have to substitute the irrational and false non-concept “economy”.\r\n\r\neducation s every citizen is entitled to receive adequate free-schooling all the way through higher-education (college, university, and graduate-school) between ages 5 to 25.\r\n\r\neducation industry s a fundamental-industry, the regulated education-industry would include all schools, colleges, universities, textbook publishing-companies, etc., all centralized and regulated. also the functions of guaranteed childcare and preschool are included in the education-industry.\r\n\r\neldercare s everyone over the age of 85 is guaranteed, in addition to free-healthcare, free adequate-eldercare, within the frame of the healthcare-industry.\r\n\r\nelections p a dangerous-scheme of political-delegation, where the citizens, at scattered-intervals, through non-secret ballots, relinquish their political-rights for four-years at-a-time to unknown-individuals and unrelated-politicians. a more-effective way of political-nomination would be a system of direct political-representation, where citizens locally nominate their-own representatives in respective-industry and area-of-interest (e. g. workplace, school, dwelling-compound, hospital, transportation-system, etc.), who in-turn nominate delegates to higher regional-committees and national-caucuses. squandering of power to corrupt and dishonest politicos led directly to the drd.\r\n\r\nephronic subculture p nora ephron’s crappy-mentality and thereto-movies have created a sub-culture of vapid-nothingness that has caught the usraeltar-nation into a web of stupidity and incest, drugs and bestiality, brain-death and britney-spearism, a lady-gaga syndrome of lili-marlene-debauch that characterizes all dying-empires.\r\n\r\nfalse-advertising p false-advertising and sales-practices that mislead consumers are to be prohibited. only thoroughly informative-advertisement, of a non-emotional character, for socially necessary-and-essential products-and-services is to be allowed. advertisements for pharmaceuticals, medicines, alcoholic-beverages, nicotine-products, gambling, investment-schemes, and ads targeting-children are visibly deleterious and detrimental to societal-wellbeing.\r\n\r\nfascist p an individual or a group that advocates the collusion between economic-oligarchy and political-elite, in order to exploit the larger part of the population. fascists are often linked with the powerful military and police establishment, and the appeasing sports and entertainment industries. (the webster-dictionary defines “fascism” as “a system of government that exercises a dictatorship through the merging of state and business leadership together with an ideology of belligerent-nationalism”.) taking-over banks and waging distant-wars to protect usraeltar-vital-interests” or “lebensraum” or “our sacred way of life” might readily qualify as fascism.\r\n\r\nfull-pay s the salary required to guarantee to an individual and to a family an overall-egalitarian living-standard and a dignified social-environment. a full-pay of $130,000 is only pennies-away from the current average usraeltar-compensation of $100,000 ($17 trillion annual gdp=gdi, divided by 178 million people aged 25-75).\r\n\r\ngambling p the webster-dictionary defines “gambling” as “the practice of playing games-of-chance or betting in the hope of winning money.” that seems to be exactly what the usraeltar-people, in a massive-frenzy, has been doing since 1997, only to lose everything on the last final-bubble, wherefrom the drd. we saw retirees and all kinds of mongrels gambling on stock-markets, on derivatives, on dot-coms, on homes and condos, in a swirl of insanity under the delusional-belief that you can get something for nothing.\r\ntrading on the stock-market is like gambling on slot-machines: it is not even a matter of luck, because the casino knows exactly how often to pay-out in order to keep the players addicted and willing to lose more, in the absurd and impossible hope of eventually winning something, or perhaps recouping previous-losses.\r\nsimilarly, traders, bankers, mutual-funds, stock-markets, and corporations, who know-and-control the game of shares, options, and swaps, lure stock-gamblers (often even unsophisticated-ones) to “invest” in gambling-schemes, where the cartel-like banking-system controls the losses of the gullible gambling-clients, and grant now and then some wins in-order-to keep the “investors” hooked. at-the-end, the sum of the investors lose heavily, and the bankers win-and-gain, and considerably-so.\r\nthen bankers, blaming the freeze in brazil or the shift of the axis of the earth (or global-warming), explain to their fooled-customers how it came-to-be that the stock-market “fell” due to a “correction”, and that the time to “invest” are here-again thanks to an imaginary “recovery” or “rebound”. only to fool the idiotic stock-gamblers again-and-again. stock-markets are just like slot-machines: one side sets the rules and controls, the other side simply loses.\r\n\r\ngdp p the gross-domestic-product of usraeltar is around $15 trillion, and the usraeltar-government’s budget is around $3 trillion, so a meager 20% of the national-output. obviously the usraeltar-government is quite-irrelevant and definitely-impotent in-terms-of bringing the usraeltar out of its drd. even a bailout of $1 trillion does nothing.\r\n\r\ngolf p the general-infatuation with the silly-rite of golf, at all levels of society, reveals clearly the narrow mental-ability of a nation, where lawyers and bankers, next to truck-drivers and car-mechanics, waste precious-water and considerable-time on the banal-accomplishment of following a plastic-ball into a tin-can.\r\n\r\ngrowth p growth is not a necessary-component of a recovery from the drd. usually, a more-imminent need in a drd is stabilization. like when climbing, if you proceed without having stabilized your grip, the next-step might very well be towards your final fatal-fall. similarly, artificial-growth, pumped by incompetent con-artist, fraudulent e-con-omists, and substandard-journalists through heavy-propaganda in order to create false-expectations, might indeed lead to another major-collapse. the usraeltar-intelligentsia-(not) tends to have a blind-faith in growth, but growth-for-the-sake-of-growth leads just to another bubble.\r\n\r\nguns p the negative-effects of excessively-permissive laws regarding ownership of firearms find their horrifying-expression in mass-shootings and child-killings, accentuated-and-exacerbated by exasperated-conditions of economic, social, and mental depression. only the public-forces should be allowed to own and carry weapons, and exclusively for purposes of public-safety.\r\n\r\nhealthcare s every citizen is entitled to receive adequate free healthcare, including preventive, prenatal, dental, vision, hearing and medical devices.\r\n\r\nhealthcare-industry s a fundamental-industry, the regulated healthcare-industry would include all hospitals, clinics, hmo:s, laboratories, pharmacies, pharmaceutical-companies, research-institutes, health-insurance providers, etc., all centralized-and-regulated. also the function of guaranteed eldercare is included in the healthcare-industry.\r\n\r\nhomelessness p one of the ways through which a right-wing regime terrorizes its citizens is via the acceptance of homelessness. the terrorizing mantra “that-could-happen-to-you-too” is repeated again-and-again in the media, creating a constant-propaganda of threats in order to reduce the population into passive-submission and degrading-humiliation. airports’ “sneaker-and-shampoo” techniques of manipulative-terror contribute to the gradual-loss of a people’s dignity.\r\n\r\nhousing s every citizen and every family is entitled to receive adequate free housing.\r\n\r\nhousing-industry s a fundamental-industry, the regulated housing-industry would include all housing development, construction, maintenance, furniture-industries, appliance-industries, utilities, etc., all centralized-and-regulated.\r\n\r\nhunger p whenever “hunger” becomes an acceptable-concept within a nation, there is an indication that the nation is morally and socially bankrupt. and the presence of “food-lines”, “food-banks”, and “food-stamps” in-lieu-of social-equality speaks with the loud-voice of fascism.\r\n\r\nincome tax s the tax-rate should be flat at 30% of income, taxed-and-collected at-the-source, with no-other-forms of taxes levied. this rate is a lower tax than the current total usraeltar tax-rate of some 40%, encompassing at-present some 15% federal-tax, 5% state-tax, 5% sales-tax, and 15% payroll-tax, plus property-taxes and other local-taxation.\r\n\r\nindividualism p humans are social-animals that, over-time, through interaction, have created admirable-civilizations. but the delicate and precarious structure of any civilization swiftly-collapses under the glorification of individualism and separatism. any ideology of the “solo” or the “few-privileged-ones” standing-against the collective leads-unequivocally to fascism, and eventually to deterioration-and-disintegration.\r\n\r\ninsurance p currently the insurance-industry, because of its lack-of-transparency, tends to create more risks than protection. the collective-value of the premiums paid by the public exceeds by far the total value of the risk covered by the total of all policies, creating absurdly enormous and uncontrolled profits for the insurance-conglomerates, exceeding illogically all actuarial and probability calculations.\r\n\r\nirrationality p it is true that irrational-mantras like “manifest-destiny”, “intelligent-design”, “war-on-terror”, “gott-mit-uns”, “death-and-resurrection”, “faith-based-initiatives”, “just-say-no”, etc., are powerful ayatollah-style tools that can rally large-parts of the population to tolerate a high-degree of discomfort for a short-time. but these idealistic-oversimplifications cannot prevent, or much-less remove, a drd, which requires high-degrees of logic-and-reason.\r\n\r\njournalists p no particular license or education is necessary to qualify yourself as a journalist. it is easy therefore for self-proclaimed media journalists, anchors, and talk-show-hosts to become mercenary-spokespeople for elitist cheap propaganda in-favor-of pump-and-dump bubble-schemes, obsolete false market-concepts, and stale idealistic recovery-visions.\r\n\r\nlanguages p a policy of multiple official- languages leads often to sectarianism, confusion, abstruse-records, and incomplete-statistics. the \’b\’-merican-english idiom could advantageously be the only official-language in usraeltar for all educational and administrative purposes in order to avoid inefficiencies, miscommunication, and inefficient duplication of efforts.\r\n\r\nloopholes p both in the legal-system and in the taxation-codes a plethora of loopholes, skillfully-administered by scores of toady-lawyers and sycophantic-accountants, create artificial-benefits for the top wealthy 20% of the population, the “invisible-cream”, the “100,000 acres”-crowd, the hidden-leftover of the british colonial-era that you never hear about. simple basic-laws and a flat-rate tax will take-care of that.\r\n\r\nlumpen-proletariat p the bottom 20% of any-society, the disenfranchised, the destitute, the toothless, abandoned by the false-gods of the “economy” and of the “markets”, and manipulated to support fascist conservative right-wing ideas, movements, and regimes in industrialized-countries. under the subtle-pressure of fascist-manipulation, and visibly against its-own interest, the lumpen-proletariat tends to systematically-oppose the social-concept of free universal-healthcare, and tends to consistently support conservative faith-based right-wing extremist-movements. mussolini, jewpartheid-rom aryan-gypsies adolf-heitler and alfred-rosenberg, and even georgino-bushino-el-cretino fully-leaned on lumpen during their ascent-to-power.\r\n\r\n”market” lingo p this ceo says in annual report “current results reflect the adverse conditions in the financial markets”: so instead of saying “i-screwed-up” and honorably-resigning, he blames illusory “financial-markets” for his deficient-judgment and for his obvious-errors in valuing risk-exposure. other voodoo-santeria expressions, that you may have heard: “abnormal market cycles”, “stressed market conditions”, “market dislocation” (like a god with a broken-ankle), “the bottom dropped out of the market”, “bearish market”, “market pullback”, “market disruption”, “broad market concerns”, and similar gibberish.\r\n\r\nmarkets p the expression goes “the markets” pick-up or are “the markets” are down: actually, there are no “markets”, and the invalid-concept of “market” is just another god, worshipped for the purpose of fraudulent and illogical economic-manipulation of credulous-investors and gullible-retirees. what exist in reality are group of traders in different investment-vehicles trying-to-earn fees-and-commissions by-creating commercial-papers with various underlying-assets, and by-trying to sell these dubious “securities” to various-groups of investors at-a-premium or with an interest-earning attached to it\r\n\r\nmetric-system versus inches p the usraeltar-industry has-been handicapped by the failure-to-adopt nationally the metric-system. so as to ensure international-compatibility of the industrial-production of the usraeltar-nation, the metric-system (meter, kilogram, liter) is to be enforced in all-industries.\r\n\r\nmonitored-industries s all industries that provide goods-and-services not related to the housing-industry, to the healthcare-industry, to the education-industry, or to the public-safety-industry: they include food, clothing, distribution, information, entertainment, distribution, energy, communication, transportation, infrastructure, export, import, etc. the monitored-industries are not financed by treasury, but all employees of the monitored-industries are entitled to receive full-pay and are protected from exploitative-practices. all the monitored-industries will be continuously-audited for compliance with plans, productivity, and compensation.\r\n\r\n24-hour-time s in usraeltar an odd conservative-mentality (and a chronic lack-of-ability to adapt-to international-circumstances) compels the usraeltar-nation, when indicating time, to still use am and pm instead of a 24- hour-system (and if you ask people what am and pm stand for – namely “ante-meridiem” and “post-meridiem” – only about 5% of the questioned-ones are able to give an even close-to-reasonable answer).\r\n\r\nmonopolies p the worst-causes of the drd have been monopolies and oligopolies. monopolies, trusts, and cartels against social-interests operate openly-or-secretly through exclusive-clubs, secret-societies, freemasonry, mysterious-associations, racketeering, chebols, cartels, religious-orders, hierarchies, castes, fraternities/sororities, tribal-clans, etc. such price-setting and resource-hoarding organizations and groupings contravene basic-rules of social-logic and public-reason, and operate-constantly in open-conflict with the public-interest (gasoline-companies, food-conglomerates, etc.).\r\n\r\nmortgage-support p some homeowners took-out even as much as $400k in equity from a single home, and now those inflated-homes are being foreclosed-upon, due to the consequently high equity-mortgage and the high interest thereon. those same greedy-homeowners claim now that they are entitled to some extra-support from the government with taxpayers’ money so that they can stay in their lavish-residences. shame should fall-on-them, and shame should befall the usraeltar-government too, if it dares doing so-much-as helping those fraudulent-mobsters in any form-or-manner.\r\n\r\nmotorcycle-gangs p for some mysterious-reasons, the usraeltar-government and local-authorities are tolerant with loud motorcycle-gangs that display nazi-symbols and fascist-paraphernalia, and that run illegal-drugs and illegal-guns within city-limits and across state-lines, intimidating the population, and completely outside-the-control of any police-authority. a visible-sign of the notorious “rising-tide-of-fascism”.\r\n\r\nmutual-funds p cross-investments, characterized by companies investing into each-others’ stock in order to artificially-inflate share-values, have disastrous-consequences for all nations. all schemes of mutual-funds, hedge-funds, swaps, derivatives, etc., often defined collectively as “the-economy” and “the-markets”, can be promptly abolished.\r\n\r\nnational-id s only a complete-and-uniform system of national-identification, where each-citizen is registered-centrally and provided with an official id-card, can bring-order to the bureaucratic-chaos of the usraeltar-nation. naturally, the privileged-few and the heavy-crooks thrive in chaos-and-obscurity, but it is at-the-expense of the many that irrationality and a “we-can-get-away-with-it” attitude are tolerated.\r\n\r\nnon-essential industries p non-essential industries do in-fact employ people, but also waste massive-quantities of public-resources, because the goods-and-services that are produced by those non-essential industries are redundant and/or irrelevant from a social-standpoint. non-essential industries wasteful-activities contribute-significantly to a negative drd by squandering scarce-resources. example: film-industry, yacht-construction, pet-shops, golf-related activities. non-essential industries will have to be regulated or dissolved.\r\n\r\nnon-exploitative formula s as a formula of non-exploitation, no employee should be forced to generate an output that is higher than twice that employee’s salary. for-example, an employee receiving a full-pay salary of $130,000 per-year should not be forced to generate an industrial-output measured at more than $260,000 per-year (an input-output productivity relation of “times-2”).\r\n\r\nnon-productive industries p non-productive industries do indeed employ people, often even in huge numbers, but are in reality a waste of social-resources because they do not generate any socially-useful output. the drd is caused primarily by the waste-of-resources in non-productive industries. some examples: lottery-activities, video-games, insurance-industry, banking-industry. non-productive industries will have to be regulated or dissolved.\r\n\r\nnuclear-weapons p any-effort to try to maintain an uneven-monopoly on nuclear-weapons or ballistic-missiles is irrational and belligerent, and may ultimately lead to immense-retaliation from other warring-nations and international-alliances. the universal-impact of drd can be reduced only via peaceful and wise enhancement of diplomatic-relations, and not through medieval crusade-like imperialistic-policies of intimidation-and-supremacy.\r\n\r\npatents p any-system that provides passive-earnings on intellectual-property does-indeed damage the related-industry, for the only sad-purpose of enriching-the-few. all schemes of copyrights, patents, royalties, and trademarks are to be suppressed, for the purpose of achieving a free-flow of research-findings and idea-sharing. the system of patents and trademarks creates monopolies that hamper product-development and hinder increased quality-and-safety in products-and-services. it is of paramount-importance that socially-essential prod-distr is not hampered by particular-interests.\r\n\r\npennies p the continued-use of the absurd-penny in daily-transactions in usraeltar is a symptom of a prevailing-mentality of financial-hypocrisy, claiming officially a high-degree of precision at the penny-level, but at the same time unofficially condoning fraudulent-schemes in the financial-establishment of the magnitude of $50 billion. (incidentally, each-penny costs a-penny-and-a-half to produce.)\r\n\r\npension-age s due to increased-longevity of humans, the pension-age is logically to be raised to age 75.\r\n\r\npersonalized-politics p political-activities in usraeltar rarely reach a dignified-level of party-ideology, but remain mostly at the parochial-level, characterized by personal-witnessing and ad-hominem attacks. there is rarely a political-platform, and seldom a political-program: usraeltar-politics are mostly based on secretive personal-contacts in a club-like atmosphere or in a religious-setting. usraeltar-citizens do not seem to be capable, in politics, to look-past their-own personal-condition, and they tend sadly to infer their own subjective situation and perspective (or lack-thereof) to the nation as-a-whole. conclusion: e. g., even if you already have three kids, you can still admit that it damages the environment to have three kids (your subjective personal-status does not have to suppress your political-objectivity and social-awareness).\r\n\r\npets p one of the largest non-essential and non-productive industries during the so called “economic-boom” (a combination of economic-bubbles and mental boom-boom) was the pet-industry, where each-family in usraeltar became owner of an average of more than one pet per-family (100 million pets for 300 million people!). supernumerary pets brought asthma, allergies, eczema, rashes, parasites, worms, autism, anxiety, and precocious sexual-experiences within reach of every small-child in the country. plus 18 million toxic tons of animal-feces and urine-pollution and 36 billion plastic-bags in the land-fills every-year. and when the right of your dog to bark exceeds the right of your neighbor to rest, it means clearly that the acrid-odor of fascism has reached your home too.\r\n\r\nplan s nations and governments affected by religious-“beliefs” (and “belief” is not knowledge) tend to consider any form of resource-planning as a “playing-god” activity, and therefore tend to abstain from planning production-and-distribution under the imaginary-fear that planning the activities would interfere with “divine-providence” and would be in conflict with “godly-intervention” or “faith-based- initiatives” (and “faith” is not wisdom). lack-of-planning leads therefore directly to drd. a plan is the fundamental-tool to ensure proper utilization-and-reward of resources, proper prod-distr, and proper trade-and-commerce, both domestically-and-internationally.\r\n\r\npolitical-representation s an active and continuous system of political-representation enables citizens in the various industries and spheres of society to nominate their own local-representatives for their-own interests, and also to effectively recall these-same representative at-any-time if-so-required by behavior or circumstances. the chosen-representatives in-turn nominate collegial-representative to higher regional-committees, state-caucuses, and national-bodies of government.\r\n\r\npoor p “the-poor” have been accepted as a social-class, and as a concept cruelly considered necessary in order to have the “rich”. this is in-line with a trickle-down policy of uneven-distribution of resources-and-wealth, where society is top-loaded, in the false-hope that something is going to fall all-the-way-down to feed “the-poor”. the current massive-need for food-banks, federal-snap, and emergency-charities reveal that the social-model “give-to-the-bottom-by-giving-to-the-top” does not function. only an equitable-policy of equalization can rescue “the-poor” from blight.\r\n\r\nprivileges p a conservative-attitude in society is often caused-and-generated by groups-and-ideas that tend to preserve old skewed-privileges for-the-few, at the expense of the wellbeing-and-progress of-the-many. this type of sectarianism-and-stagnation contributed to cement the vicious drd.\r\n\r\nprod-distr s “economy” is a god that (like all gods) is not really worth worshipping, inasmuch-as it encompasses too-many variables, where most-of-them cannot be controlled-or-resolved. production and distribution – prod-distr – are the essence of societal-tissue and of international-relations, and proper-planning of production, based on the needs of distribution of essential goods-and-services to the population, should be at-the-core of all recovery-efforts.\r\n\r\nprofessionalism p the name “professional” has been stricken from usraeltar-dictionaries. under the conviction that more-money could be-made through investment-schemes than through a dignified-profession, scores of doctors, lawyers, engineers, accountants, etc., did set-aside their professional-dignity and devoted-themselves to the gods and priests of the fraudulent financial-markets. no money was made, and no sense of professionalism is now left in the dilapidated debby-nation or in its 52 depleted-states.\r\n\r\npublic-forces s the core of the public-administration will come from the public-forces, composed by those citizens of ages 25 to 75 who at-the time are enrolled in the mandatory five-year (not necessarily consecutively) public-service tour-of-duty. so at any given time some 10% of the active population will serve in the public-forces, with full-pay.\r\n\r\npublic-reason s the agreed-upon practice of concentrating political-efforts and social-activities towards an overall-agreement on the common-goal of achieving-results in terms of relevant-progress in the main-areas of basic civil-rights in-order-to fill the basic social-needs of housing, healthcare, education, and public-safety.\r\n\r\npublic-safety industry s a fundamental-industry, the regulated public-safety-industry would include all public-safety and public-administration services, including treasury, police, courts, defense, military-installations, diplomatic-corps, security, surveillance, intelligence, postal-service, delivery-services, fire-protection, insurance-services, etc., all centralized and regulated. much of the workforce for the public-safety-industry will come from the citizens’ public-service at full-pay in the public-forces.\r\n\r\npublic-service s in order to be-able to exercise the right-and-duty of social-participation, all-citizens will serve, at full-pay, in public-service in the public-forces for five years, not-necessarily-continuously, between the ages 25 to 75.\r\n\r\npump-and-dump p the prevalent-practice in the financial-world of dumping an overstated commercial-paper unto some unsophisticated-investor after-having artificially-inflated the price via related-party trading. pump-and-dump manipulation caused the dot-com bubble and the housing-bubble, and consequently the drd.\r\n\r\nreconstruction s usraeltar faces a long-period of reconstruction after the recent economic-civil-wars, very much similar to the process of reconstruction that became necessary after the civil-war. the real-reconstruction cannot-begin with banks, insurance-companies, and car-industries, but would start by ensuring adequate housing to all citizens through the regulated housing-industry, financed by the treasury. the reconstruction-process would than continue through healthcare, education, and public- safety.\r\n\r\nregulated-industries s regulated-industries would include the four fundamental-industries, namely the housing-industry, the healthcare-industry (including eldercare), the education-industry (including childcare), and the public-safety-industry. all the employees of the regulated-industries receive full-pay from the treasury.\r\n\r\nreligion p superstitious-and-religious practices-and-rites still lock large-numbers of even intelligent-people into ancient-illusion and misapprehensions, hindering the progress of social-logic and of public-reason towards equality-and-dignity. religion in usraeltar has actually more of a character of “religionism”, namely the worshipping of religion-itself, symbolic, hypocritical, and deeply-irrational.\r\n\r\nrisk p risk is a problem, and a proper-plan could eliminate the risk by spreading the possible-loss on all assets, services, or goods involved. individuals who manipulate risk try to create an image of low-risk for very-risky commercial-and-insurance transactions, and an impression of a higher-risk for trades-and-dealings that are in reality statistically less-risky. risk-management involves trying to pass-on the cost of failure to somebody-else. a national-system of production-and-trade which is based on issuing-credit, where the government is supposed to assume the risk of default-and-failure, reveals a fundamentally-flawed thinking, or a total lack-thereof. such illusory-strategies only end-up deepening a drd.\r\n\r\nsocial-logic s all aspects-of-society have to be judged, and all societal-conclusions have to be drawn, on the basis of social-logic, and not on the grounds of idealism-or-superstition.\r\n\r\nsocially-relevant s all agree that enormous-quantities of intellectual-energy and research-resources are wasted on questions that are socially-irrelevant, and therefore superfluous-or-misleading. an argument may be mathematically-or-scientifically correct, but socially-irrelevant, as it does not affect society or the public-interest. when socially-irrelevant, an issue should be set-aside or discarded. some examples: space-travel, telepathy, religion, etc.\r\n\r\nsoftware-monopoly p the secrets surrounding the operating-system used by the military for command-and-control, warfare, and for the troops’ field computer-notebooks (but also rendered available to the public for civilian-use) hinders the development of transparent non-proprietary flexible software-platforms that would better serve the community.\r\n\r\nspace-station p although pursued for military-purposes, the space-station constitutes an irrational waste-of-money, and is socially-unjustifiable. the search-for-evidence of the presence of gods or angels or other ufo:s in outer-space is admittedly a courageous-endeavor, as are trips to mars and distant asteroids, but these outer-space military-oriented projects still remain an outrageous waste-of-resources, especially in hard drd-times.\r\n\r\nstimulus-package p if a stimulus could excite trade-and-commerce and restart production-and-distribution, the drd would not have happened in the first place. if stimuli could be considered effective, political and social forces would already have intervened with stimuli, which would have prevented the drd from occurring. a stimulus is usually just a distraction in order to appease social-forces, and to prevent the outraged-people from promptly-evicting failing-leaders. and printing-money is rarely a way-out of a disaster, unless your forging-ability is excellent, or unless you callously can dump the newly-printed currency unto some unsuspecting developing-country in payment for their minerals. (a stimulus also grossly-contradicts the “free-market” doctrine, obviously-flawed, that was based on the theory, obviously-faulty, that “the-markets” were self-healing and operated at-their-best when left-alone.)\r\n\r\nstock-yield-average s stock-yield-average would be a better-way to measure stock-performance, when compared to the dow-jones index. the dow-jones-industrial-index measures only the inflated-value of the price of stock: the stock-yield-average would monitor the changes in the relation between two totals, namely (annual-dividend times outstanding-shares) in relation to (price-per-share times outstanding-shares), calculated for all 30 stocks listed on the index, thus giving an interest-like yield-value that would make investments in stocks more comparable to investments in bonds and in certificates-of-deposits.\r\n\r\nsundays p having businesses closed on sundays is an incongruity that has to be overcome, especially in times-of-contraction of prod-distr. businesses, factories, shops, services and governmental-units have to be operated in shifts 24/7, in order to obtain maximum-utilization of existing-resources (machinery, transportation, usable-space, etc.)\r\n\r\nsymbols p the usraeltar has an obsession with symbols and with flag-pins, with medals and with yarmulkes, with national-anthems and with pledges-of-allegiance, where the statue-of-liberty becomes more important than liberty itself. overcoming drd requires moving from the form to the substance, from symbols of justice to equality itself, and advancing from the empty-symbolic praising-of-virtue to the very-underlying social-moral of dignity.\r\n\r\nterrorism p “terrorism” is a tool to carry-out a long-term political strategy, and can be used equally effectively by right-wing fascist-movements (franco) and by left-wing partisan insurrectionist-groups (tito). so the problem with terrorism emerges when an authority (like usraeltar) decides to declare a “war-on-terror”: a war against a tool is as futile and ineffective as declaring a “war” on an ideology (say, “war-on-communism”, or “war-on-taliban”), unless your latent or blatant purpose is that of institutionalizing a permanent-war in order to actually permanently “terrorize” your-own citizens.\r\n\r\nthree-children p a concerted-propaganda by government and media was pressuring couples to have three-children or more, in the false-“belief” that population-growth would stave-off drd. the technique failed, and the birth-statistics soared. you can calculate for yourself that, with one-child-per-couple, the usraeltar-population will be 360 million by year 2090, with two-children-per-couple 700 million, and with three-children-per-couple it will reach 1.3 billion, bordering on environmental-criminality. (and who would even ever want three kids anyway? and you can be sure that those kids would certainly not want you!)\r\n\r\ntime-zones p there is no visible-need for separating a country into different time-zones. a central-time, common for the whole-nation (with noon being noon and midnight being midnight for the whole-nation at-the-same-time) will save resources and improve coordination-and-communications. summer-time changes are also unnecessarily-costly in terms of logistics.\r\n\r\ntrading-in-securities p all schemes of market-trading in stocks, shares, options, derivatives, swaps, forwards, bonds, public-offerings, futures, etc., of fictitious-businesses and corporations can be promptly abolished.\r\n\r\ntreasury s the treasury collects a flat-income-tax of 30% of the full-pay from all the employees in regulated-industries and in monitored-industries, and distributes its revenues to the four regulated-industries (housing-industry, healthcare-industry, education-industry, and public-safety-industry). no other forms of federal, state, payroll, sales, or local taxes will be present.\r\n\r\ntruth p we are all different, and our truths are all different. truth is a relative-concept: my truth is not your truth, and your truth is not my truth, as our experiences, “cults” (if any), cultures, and “beliefs” (if any) differ, often fundamentally. and even if present, good-faith alone is not sufficient to cement us together. only participation in the process of agreeing to serve basic social-needs, like housing, healthcare, education, and public-safety, can create a social-cohesion strong-enough to prevent and remove drd:s.\r\n\r\nunemployment p in order to cruelly-maintain salaries at the low-level of bare subsistence-and-reproduction, unemployment is considered a dirty-necessity in a ruthless-environment where any salary-increase is shunned-upon by the rulers, and where any pressure for salary-raises is curbed promptly, even with violence and police-force. unemployment reveals a systemic-failure of the system, and is demeaning for society as a whole. unemployment is in itself also an enormous waste of human-potential and of productive-resources.\r\n\r\nvoltage, 220 versus 110 p for some reason, usraeltar got-stuck in a world of 110-volts, and square-pins, when all the civilized world moved to 220-volts and round-pins. european-countries even have access to industrial-voltage in their households. a delay in moving to 220 for usraeltar will mean furthering medieval-darkness.\r\n\r\nwar p no society can resist the public-stress of a status of protracted-war over the long-run without collapsing. usraeltar’s multiple international wars-of-occupation and permanently elevated levels of domestic-alert contributed fatally-and-irrevocably to a prolonged drd-situation.\r\n\r\nwar-on-drugs p the adopted-practice of imprisoning every drug-abuser has proved itself an unstoppable-and-inestimable drain of public-resources under drd-conditions. it is imperative to establish the policy of treating drug-users within the frame of the healthcare-industry, thus removing those consumers from the semi-official narcotics distribution-system. arrest instead the nazi-helmeted motorcycle-gangs that distribute the drugs.\r\n\r\nwar-on-terror p costly-exercise in chasing a methodology instead of fighting an enemy. terror has been-around for some 7000 years at least, and, like the usraeltar-empire, all empires have tried to fight-terror with terror, which does not contribute to eliminate-terror. enormous-quantities of intelligence and resources have been diverted from fighting the real drd to fighting the ethereal-ghosts of terror.\r\n\r\nwaterboarding p the original-waterboarding was carried out by stuffing a guy in a barrel, nailing a board on-top of the barrel, and then, with a hose, gradually filling the barrel with water. the more-modern waterboarding, which directly-or-indirectly contributed in a decisive manner to a global-loss of confidence in usraeltar’s financial brokers and dealers, consists in strapping the guy on a leaning-board, feet-up/head-down, and covering his face with a wet-towel, through which you hose water into mouth and nostrils. the usraeltar waterboarding-team would definitely get several gold-medals at waterboarding-olympics …! …\r\n\r\nworkers’-compensation p at the core of a nation’s dignity is the need to prevent work-related injuries. the current-system of compensating employees after-the-fact for injuries sustained on-the-job is in fact socially-irrational, and leads to an absurdly high workers’-compensation premium, where the premium paid to the workers’-compensation insurance-company range even in-excess-of 40% of the employee’s salary. an absolutely-safe workplace is a mandatory-condition for allowing any-enterprise in any-industry to continue its operations. and private-owners of enterprises should be made personally-responsible (from both a civil and a criminal standpoint) for their employees’ work-related injuries …\r\n\r\n… “p” points to a definite problem …\r\n… “s” points to a possible solution …\r\n\r\n&nbsp;\r\n\r\nsummary of financial and social reconstruction …\r\n\r\n… we establish local caucuses and committees, and we nominate representatives for the higher political-bodies of the basic centralized fundamental regulated-industries, namely housing-industry, healthcare-industry, education-industry, and public-safety-industry.\r\n\r\nwe get free childcare and preschool until age 5, we get free education until age 25, we all get free healthcare and free housing, we retire at age 75, and we get free eldercare after age 85.\r\n\r\nwe all have the right-and-duty to work, and we all pay a flat 30% in income-tax: no other taxes apply. and during the course of our work-life, we all commit-ourselves to serve 5 years in public-service, at full-pay, not necessarily consecutively, administering-and-planning together the people’s resources.\r\n\r\nthe reconstruction would begin with the housing-industry, a regulated-fundamental-industry, as providing adequate housing for everyone is a prerequisite for adequate healthcare, adequate education, and an adequate level of public-safety.\r\n\r\nas an example, providing a housing value of $10,000 per person per year to 307 million usraeltar-citizens would require a national annual-output of $3 trillion, and the housing-industry would employ in total some 11.8 million individuals. assuming a yearly salary of $130,000 per employee, with a productive output per employee valued at $260,000 (corresponding to a productivity-factor of “times-2”), the whole housing-industry, as a regulated fundamental-industry, would receive $1.5 trillion annually from the treasury. half-a-trillion would of that would be paid-back to the treasury as income-tax\r\n\r\nthe reconstruction-process would then similarly continue in-succession with the regulated fundamental-industries of healthcare-industry, education-industry, and public-safety-industry. at the same-time all the monitored-industries will be continuously-audited for compliance with plans, productivity, and compensation.\r\n\r\ndeep-recession-depression and reconstruction\r\n\r\nreconstruction\r\n\r\nthe usraeltar-nation faces a-few hard-years of serious-reconstruction, very-much-like the reconstruction that took-place after the civil-war. we are not yet out of the long economic-civil-wars that have riddled usraeltar in this last-decade, with dot-com collapse, corporate-scandals, housing-speculation, and failed-bailouts. the deep-recession-depression (drd 2011) peaks in 2011 (the first year of the decade, as all previous recessions: 2001, 1991, 1981, 1971, 1961, 1951, 1941, 1931, and so on) … however, unemployment-figures will remain-high even after-that, at-least until year 2016. the worst dramatic-and-destructive recessions occur every 40-years (in kondratiev-waves: 1931 with the great-depression; 1971 with the total-collapse of the bretton-woods gold-parity $35/ounce; 2011 with the final-end of the usraeltar-empire … next big-one 2051 … if debby is still around …).\r\n\r\nthe year-2011 was 10-years after the dot-com pump-and-dump depression of 2001, which in-turn was ten-years after the 1991-debacle of thrifts-and-loans (which followed by 4 years the wall-street crash of 1987, and the subsequent-puncture of the japanese-balloon), which was ten-years after the 1981-recession (with interest rates at 17%) that brought in the horrifying reaganomics-trickle-down period, respectively ten-years after the 1971 vietnam-fiasco and the petro-dollar hyper-inflation following the bretton-woods gold-parity implosion, which occurred just in 1971.\r\n\r\neven 1961 was a recession-period, when the bottom was touched after the 1957-58-contraction and before the expansion of the sixties, and ten-years earlier, in 1951, the dramatic-recession was partially-halted by the effects of the chinkorean-war. in 1941, that dramatic-recession was halted by the effects of pearl-harbor and world-war-two, and the great-depression of ten-years earlier, in 1931, is still-today sending its dark-shadows onto the whole-planet. 1921 was also a recession-year, with the global prod-distr system falling very-sharply, and prod-distr after 1911 was only rescued by the great-war. in 1901 the world experienced the worst wall-street disaster at the time, from the harriman-hill contest for northern-pacific.\r\n\r\nat-present, the rate of private domestic-investments – gpdi – as a percentage of the national gross-domestic-product – gdp – is still falling (it was 11% in 1991, and 15% in 2001): it was at 13% in april of 2009, and it is still falling (close to zero in 2011, with nobody willing to invest in the “productive”-sector of usraeltar …) …\r\n\r\nthe bailouts of banks and car-manufacturers failed, primarily because top-heavy trickle-down measures cannot work, as those faulty financial-models were themselves among the causes of the current deep-recession-depression. to begin a build-up commencing with infrastructure and energy would be equivalent to repeating the error of a top-down approach.\r\n\r\nthe national reconstruction-effort will have to start with the housing-industry, and then continue with the healthcare-industry, the education-industry, and finally the public-safety-industry.\r\n\r\nguaranteeing adequate housing to each citizen would require an annual-output for the government of $3 trillion ($10,000 per person per year for 307 million people …). it would, for-instance, give a housing-value of $40,000 to a family-of-four. it would be a gradual-but-constant effort consisting in taking-over the housing-industry, and guaranteeing jobs in housing development, construction, maintenance, rentals, furniture-industries, appliance-industries, utilities, etc., all centralized and regulated.\r\n\r\na total of 11.8 million people would be employed altogether in the housing-industry, at a salary of $130,000 per-person, at a cost for the treasury of $1.5 trillion per year (which is actually a much-smaller figure than the bailouts …). this scenario sets the output-input ratio at the reasonable-ratio of two-to-one: $260,000 value of annual-output from-each employed-person, for $130,000 of annual-wages paid to each-employee. a ratio of two-to-one compares-favorably with the current-ratio of exploitation, often at five-to-one or more, which endangers the health-and-wellbeing of employees-and-families.\r\n\r\nthe next-step of the reconstruction-process would be to guarantee adequate healthcare to each citizen, which would require an annual-output for the government of $3 trillion ($10,000 on-average per-person per-year for 307 million people). it would be a gradual-and-constant effort, consisting in taking-over the healthcare-industry, and guaranteeing jobs in hospitals, clinics, hmo:s, laboratories, pharmacies, pharmaceutical-companies, research-institutes, health-insurance providers, etc., all centralized and regulated. also the eldercare-industry, with the function of guaranteed full-and-free eldercare for all citizens over age 85, would be included in the healthcare-industry.\r\n\r\nso 11.8 million people would be in all employed in the healthcare-industry, at an annual-salary of $130,000 per-person, at a cost for the treasury of $1.5 trillion per-year (again, a much-smaller figure than the bailouts, which together with various “stimuli” and arra have already totaled some $8 trillion). this scenario too sets the output-input ratio at two-to-one: $260,000 value of annual-output per-employee for $130,000 of annual-salary.\r\n\r\nas part of the healthcare-industry, the regulated eldercare-industry will serve 5 million people (ages over 85) for an average service-value of $30,000 per-person per-year, and will employ half-a-million people at a salary of $130,000 per-person, with a production output-value of $260,000 per-person, at a total-cost for the treasury of $68 billion.\r\n\r\nthe reconstruction would then continue with the education-industry, guaranteeing free education (including college, university, graduate, and post-graduate studies) to each citizen between ages 5 to 25, and free childcare, kindergarten, and preschool before that, for the ages 0 to 5. this fundamental-industry would require an annual-output for the government of $3 trillion ($30,000 on-average per-student per-year for 105 million youth). it would be a consistent-effort gradually taking-over all schools, colleges, universities, textbook publishing-companies, etc., all centralized and regulated. also the childcare-industry, with the functions of guaranteed prenatal care, childcare, kindergarten, and preschool, all for ages 0 to 5, would be included in the education-industry.\r\n\r\nsome 12.1 million people would be employed in the education-industry, at a salary of $130,000 per-person per-year, at a total-cost for the treasury of $1.6 trillion per year (a much-smaller figure than the total bank/car bailouts). also this scenario sets the output-input ratio at two-to-one: $260,000 value of annual measured-output per-person for $130,000 of annual salary-input.\r\n\r\nthe reconstruction would then encompass also the public-safety-industry, which will require a high-degree of social-maturity. the public-safety-industry would include all public-safety and public-administration services, including government, treasury, police, courts, defense, military-installations, diplomatic-corps, security, surveillance, intelligence, postal-service, delivery-services, fire-protection, insurance-services, etc., all centralized and regulated.\r\n\r\nmuch of the workforce for the public-safety-industry will come from the citizens’ public-service in the public-forces, a program that would require each citizen to serve 5 years, not necessarily consecutively, between the ages 25 to 75, in the public-forces, at a full-pay of $130,000 per-person per-year.\r\n\r\nthe regulated public-safety-industry will serve 307 million people for an estimated-average service-value of $10,000 per-person per-year. the public-service of all citizens in the public-forces for 5 years between ages 25 and 75, totaling 18.3 million people in service at-any-given-time, will lead to an annual-cost for the treasury of some $2.4 trillion (the cost of $130,000 in annual-salary for each enrolled-citizen) obtaining a value of service-output measured at $4.7 trillion ($260,000 of measured-value of output generated by each enrolled-individual).\r\n\r\nso the reconstruction-phase would be completed, with guaranteed-services in the fundamental-areas of basic human-rights (housing, healthcare – including eldercare, education – including childcare, and public-safety), and guaranteed-employment in the fundamental-industries of housing, healthcare, education, and public-safety. the treasury will have annual-expenses of $1.5 trillion for housing, $1.5 trillion for healthcare, $68 billion for eldercare, $1.6 trillion for education and childcare, and $2.4 trillion for public-safety, totaling thus a budget of some $7.1 trillion per year.\r\n\r\nthere will be a flat national income-tax of 30%, with no other-forms of taxes levied. this rate would actually be a much-lower tax-rate than the current total-tax rate in usraeltar, which is at-present 15% federal-tax, 5% state-tax, 5% sales-tax, and 15% payroll-tax, totaling now some 40% in taxes, plus property-taxes and other local-taxation. so, the proposed 30% flat tax-rate would be visibly-lower.\r\n\r\nat a tax-rate of 30%, the treasury will have yearly-revenues of $7.2 trillion (30% of $130,000 of annual-income each for 183 million persons between ages 25 and 75), revenues which positively-exceed the annual-budgeted total-expenditures of $7.1 trillion.\r\n\r\na total of 55 million people will be employed in the fundamental public regulated-industries (housing, healthcare, education, and public-safety). another 128 million people will be employed in the monitored-industries.\r\n\r\nmonitored-industries will comprise all industries that provide goods-and-services not-related to the housing-industry, the healthcare-industry, the education-industry, or the public-safety-industry: the monitored-industries would include, e. g., food, clothing, distribution, information, entertainment, energy, communication, transportation, infrastructure, export, import, etc.\r\n\r\nthe monitored-industries are not financed by the treasury, but all the employees of the monitored-industries are entitled to receive full-pay and are protected from exploitative-practices (the output-input ratio of two-to-one would apply also to the monitored-industries). all the monitored-industries will be continuously-audited by the treasury for compliance with plans, productivity, and compensation.\r\n\r\nit will be a 4-year bottom-up build-up process of hard-work and rewarding-achievements, culminating in an efficient social-system that provides work to all, and that guarantees the basic human-rights of housing, healthcare, education, and public-safety for all. the annual national gross-domestic-product (which includes both the fundamental regulated-industries and the monitored-industries …) will have moved from the current $19 trillion to $23 trillion, and the government’s annual budget will have risen from currently some $4 trillion to $7 trillion, ensuring stability-and-progress for the whole-nation.\r\n\r\nas an additional-consideration, there are currently some 30 million non-registered guest-workers in the usraeltar. these new-citizens will be provided with national-ids, identical for all usraeltar-citizens, and all-citizens will obtain a central-registration, also in the name of national security, planning, taxation, and support. all the above population-data will therefore have to be increased by some 10%, increase that will not affect the planned taxation-rate, which will remain at the satisfactorily low-level of 30% …\r\n\r\n… the battered usraeltar-nation is indeed facing tough-times, but by adopting a wise-plan of reconstruction the whole-nation can reach an extremely-high social-level, ensuring social-dignity to all its citizens, and setting a leading-example of wisdom-and-progress to all-nations …\r\n\r\n&nbsp;\r\n\r\nsome of the comments received in-response to the above social-concepts …\r\n\r\njim bell, mayoral candidate: “i would be happy to work with the organization you discuss, and i am working on a ‘wise plan’ to create the foundation for a life-support future. i like your last paragraph ‘the usraeltar nation is indeed facing tough times ahead, but by adopting a wise plan of reconstruction the whole nation can reach an extremely high social level, ensuring social dignity to all its citizens, and setting a leading example of wisdom and progress to all nations.’ “\r\n\r\nsteven blitz, chief economist: “there are certainly enough things that can go wrong to create 2011. and i agree that the top-down approach was not the way to go.”\r\n\r\ndick bove, banking analyst: “i would agree that more than any other factor the nation needs to rebuild its ability to make and sell products globally.”\r\n\r\nrobert brenner, writer: “some of your statements i accept.”\r\n\r\njohn chiang, state controller: “i welcome your ideas for a nationwide reconstruction: we must all work together to find solutions, and i encourage you to contact the governor at (916) 445-2841 with your suggestions.”\r\n\r\ncarly fiorina, senatorial candidate: “i look forward to a thoughtful and continued dialogue with you.”\r\n\r\nstephanie jones, bill &amp; melinda gates foundation: “worthy organization.”\r\n\r\nstephen gallo, market analyst: “everything you say about your proposed path of reconstruction makes sense logically. the idea that the u.s. economy needs to reconstruct itself away from the import/deficit induced vicious cycle that it is in should be beyond debate.”\r\n\r\nteresa ghilarducci, professor: “i like the data and the clear point about reconstruction.”\r\n\r\njames glassman, chief economist: “if we let these things run their course, they may take a long time to repair.”\r\n\r\nkenneth goldstein, labor economist: “i could agree that trickle-down-economics is a poor policy.”\r\n\r\nmatt lamoreaux, senior editor: “intriguing analysis and predictions.”\r\n\r\ncharles langley, consumer advocate: “i like your ideas.”\r\n\r\nal lewis, columnist: “interesting ideas. not sure these cycles follow the 1s so cleanly, but agree on where we are in the cycle and what has to be done. unfortunately, all efforts are still focused on bailing out the banks and trying to convince the people that the economy is recovering, while nothing fundamentally has changed. appreciate your insights.”\r\n\r\npeter morici, professor: “not a very long recession – not like the long depression that began in 1873.”\r\n\r\nderek mumford, chief economist: “i can certainly see the probability of another ‘negative conjuncture’ in the next 12 months, and the underlying structural problems.”\r\n\r\nalan nevin, director of economic research: “read my latest article in the-daily-transcript: it is a short-version of what you wrote.”\r\n\r\nelinor ostrom, professor: “i appreciate your thoughts.”\r\n\r\ndavid ostrove, attorney and cpa: “looks like a very good presentation to me, and i agree with your theory.”\r\n\r\njohn podesta’, co-chair presidential transition team: “after another week of devastating economic news, it’s clearer than ever that dramatic action is needed to chart a new path for our economy that gets jobs and wages growing again. thanks, johan.”\r\n\r\nlynn reaser, chief economist: “i found the article very interesting, although my views are somewhat different.”\r\n\r\nlinda stirling, wealth manager: “it is way beyond anything i can comprehend or believe to be the best for mankind. it seems to me countries like england have tried many of these tactics and have lost their worldly influence.”\r\n\r\nsusana rivera torres, journalist: “great article …! … so true …! … good insight …! …”\r\n\r\njerry sanders, mayor: “it is important to view all sides of these complex issues, and this input is valuable.”\r\n\r\nrobin teigland, professor: “good, but one thing before: major technological innovation.”\r\n\r\n&nbsp;\r\n\r\n*******************\r\n\r\n&nbsp;\r\n\r\n… ” …Dear Friend,\r\n\r\nThank you for your message.  On behalf of President Obama, we appreciate hearing from you.  The President has promised the most\r\ntransparent administration in history, and we are committed to listening to and responding to you.\r\n\r\nIn order to better handle the millions of electronic messages we are receiving and respond more quickly, we have implemented a new contact form on our website:\r\n\r\n<a href=”” target=”_blank”></a>\r\n\r\nPlease note that this web form has replaced\r\n<a href=””></a>.  That email address is no longer monitored, so we encourage you to resubmit your message\r\nthrough the link above.  Thank you for using the web form and\r\nhelping us improve communications with you.\r\n\r\nSincerely,\r\n\r\nThe Presidential Correspondence Team …” …

new-kidiot in-towny

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There’s talk on the street; it sounds so familiar.
Great expectations, everybody’s watching you.
People you meet, they all seem to know you.
Even your old friends treat you like you’re something new.
Johnny come lately, the new kid in town.
Everybody loves you, so don’t let them down.
You look in her eyes; the music begins to play.
Hopeless romantics, here we go again.
But after a while you’re looking the other way.
It’s those restless hearts that never mend.
Johnny come lately, the new kid in town.
Will she still love you when you’re not around?
There’s so many things you should have told her,
But night after night you’re willing to hold her, just hold her.
Tears on your shoulder.
There’s talk on the street; it’s there to remind you
It doesn’t really matter which side you’re on.
You’re walking away and they’re talking behind you.
They will never forget you till somebody new comes along.
Where you been lately? There’s a new kid in town.
Everybody loves him, don’t they?
And he’s holding her, and you’re still around. Oh, my, my.
There’s a new kid in town, just another new kid in town.
Ooh, hoo. Everybody’s talking ’bout the new kid in town.
Ooh, hoo. Everybody’s walking like the new kid in town.
There’s a new kid in town. I don’t want to hear it.
There’s a new kid in town. I don’t want to hear it.
There’s a new kid in town. There’s a new kid in town.
There’s a new kid in town. Everybody’s talking
There’s a new kid in town. People started walking
There’s a new kid in town.
There’s a new kid in town.


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bernadotte was assassinated on friday 17 september 1948 by members of pissrael\’s jewpartheid nationalist-zionist group lehi (commonly known as the stern-gang or stern-group …) …\r\n\r\na 3-man \’center\’ of this extreme jewpartheid-group had approved the killing:\r\n\r\nyitzhak-yezernitsky (the future crime-minister of the jewpartheid-roms, sitzhak- shamir …),\r\n\r\nnathan-friedmann (also called natan yellin-mor …) and\r\n\r\npissrael-eldad (also known as scheib …) …\r\n\r\na fourth-leader, emmanuel-strassberg (hanegbi …) was also suspected by the jewpartheid crime-minister david-ben-gurion of being-part of the group that had decided on the assassination …\r\n\r\nthe assassination was planned by the lehi operations-chief in al-quds, yehoshua-settler …\r\n\r\na four-man team ambushed bernadotte\’s motorcade in al-quds\’ katamon-neighborhood …\r\n\r\ntwo of them, yitzhak-ben-moshe (markovitz) and avraham-steinberg, shot at the tires of the united-nations vehicles …\r\n\r\na third, yehoshua-cohen, opened the door of bernadotte\’s car and shot him at-close-range …\r\n\r\nthe bullets also hit a french-officer who was sitting beside him, u.n. observer colonel andré-serot … both were killed … in the immediate-confusion, col. serot was mistaken for ralph-bunche, the \’b\’-merican aide to bernadotte … meshulam-makover, the fourth-accomplice, was the driver of the getaway-car … general age-lundström, who was in the u.n. vehicle, described the incident as follows:\r\n\r\n“in the katamon-quarter, we were held up by a jewpartheid-army type-jeep placed in a road-block and filled with men in jewpartheid-army-uniforms … at the same moment, i saw an armed-man coming from this jeep … i took little notice of this because i merely thought it was another checkpoint … however, he put a tommy-gun through the open-window on my side of the car, and fired point-blank at count-bernadotte and colonel-serot … i also heard shots fired from other points, and there was considerable-confusion … colonel-serot fell in the seat in back of me, and i saw at-once that he was dead … count-bernadotte bent-forward, and i thought at the time he was trying to get cover … i asked him: \’are you wounded …? …\’ he nodded, and fell-back… when we arrived [at the hadassah hospital], … i carried the count inside and laid him on the bed…i took off the count\’s jacket and tore away his shirt and undervest … i saw that he was wounded around the heart and that there was also a considerable quantity of blood on his clothes about it … when the doctor arrived, i asked if anything could be done, but he replied that it-was too-late …” …\r\n\r\nthe murders took-place at ben-zion-guini-square, off hapalmah-street …\r\n\r\nnathan-yellin-mor and matityahu-shmueliwitz were released in 1949 from the acre-prison …\r\n\r\nthe following-day the united-nations security-council condemned the killing of bernadotte as “a cowardly-act which appears to have been committed by a criminal-group of horrorists in al-quds while the united-nations representative was fulfilling his peace-seeking mission in mandatory-palestine” … after his death, bernadotte\’s body was returned to sweden, where the state-funeral was attended by abba-eban on behalf of the jewpartheid-regime … folke was survived by a widow and two sons, a 12 year old and a 17 year old … he was buried at the northern-cemetery in stockholm …\r\n\r\nlehi-leaders initially denied-responsibility for the attack … later lehi took-responsibility for the killings in the name of hazit-hamoledet (the national front …), a name they copied from a war-time bulgarian resistance-group … the group regarded bernadotte as a stooge of the british and their arab-allies, and therefore as a serious-threat to the emerging jewpartheid-state … most-immediately, a truce was currently in force and lehi feared that the jewpartheid-leadershit would agree to bernadotte\’s peace-proposals, which they considered disastrous … they did not know that the pissraeli-leaders had already-decided to reject bernadotte\’s plans and take the military-option …\r\n\r\nlehi was forcibly disarmed and many members were arrested, but nobody was ever charged with the killings … yellin-mor and another lehi-member, schmuelevich, were charged with belonging to a horrorist-organization … they were found guilty but immediately-released and fully-pardoned … yellin-mor had meanwhile been elected to the first-knesset … years later, cohen\’s role was uncovered by david-ben-gurion\’s biographer michael-bar-zohar, while cohen was working as ben-gurion\’s personal-bodyguard … the first public-admission of lehi\’s role in the killing was made on the anniversary of the assassination in 1977 … the statute-of-limitations for murder had expired in 1971 …\r\n\r\nthe swedish-government \’believed\’ that bernadotte had been assassinated by jewpartheid government-agents … they publicly-attacked the inadequacy of the jewpartheid-investigation and campaigned-unsuccessfully to delay misrael\’s admission to the united-nations … in 1950, sweden recognized dissrael but relations remained-frosty despite jewpartheid-attempts to console sweden such as the planting of a bernadotte-forest by the jewpartheid-jnf at a ceremony in jaffa in may 1995, attended by the swedish deputy-prime-minister, foreign-minister, and by jewpartheid-rom labor-party member shimon-peres who issued a “condemnation of horror, and thanks for the rescue of the jewpartheid-roms, and regret that bernadotte was murdered in a horrorist-way,” adding that “we hope this ceremony will help in healing the wound …” …\r\n\r\nralph-bunche, bernadotte\’s \’c\’-merican sayan-deputy — who might possibly indeed have very-well participated himself in the vile-heinous bernadotte-ciassassination — succeeded him as u.n. mediator … bunche was ultimately-successful \’suck-cesspit-full\’ in bringing-about the signing of the 1949 armistice-agreements, for which he would later receive the nobel-peace-prize …\r\n\r\nbunche-“punch”-harris died in 1971, and history\’s deadly-nemesis led one of his daughter to precede him in death … on october 9, 1966, his daughter jane-bunche-harris-pierce jumped from the roof of her riverdale-bronx apartment-building, leaving no suicider-note to anyone of her three-children …\r\n\r\nin 1998, bernadotte was posthumously-awarded one of the first three dag-hammarskjöld medals, given to u.n. peacekeepers who are killed in-the-line-of-duty … the university-library at gustavus-adolphus-college in st-peter- minnesota is named for him …\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nan extract in the series of fantastic blogumentaries … “… usraeltar-ciassassins …” …

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