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A Rausing is a Rausing is a Rausing

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A Rausing is a Rausing is a Rausing


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The Rausing dynasty began with Anders-RUBEN Andersson (1895-1983), whose whole family in 1921 had changed their last name to Rausing, from the name of the parish where they lived, namely Raus, at Raa, in southern Sweden, and, when he died, he had become Sweden’s richest person. The village of Raus got its name from the Hasdingi Vandal king Raus who, together with Rapt, in the second century CE attacked the Roman Empire on the Danube. So just the way “vik” [“cove”] gave Viking, so Raus gave Rausing, a brutal promise of determination and conquest.

Anders-RUBEN Rausing in 1921 married teacher Amelie-Elisabet-“LISA” Varenius in Rausing (1894-1946, daughter of a postman and self-proclaimed entomologist, son of a lutheran priest, Daniel Varenius, born in 1851, and Agnes Sandegren, born in 1859, younger brother of Anders Varenius, born in 1850, and Axel Varenius, born in 1851, namely one Benjamin Varenius, born in Halland in 1855, married to Maria-Gustava-Erika Stenberg in Varenius at Helsingborg in 1888) and they had 3 children, GAD-Anders Rausing, HANS-Anders Rausing, and SVEN-Anders-Gunnar Rausing.

So Anders-RUBEN Rausing (he was named “Anders” in memory of his grandfather) was the son of paint-shop-owner August Andersson (1871-1940, the son of Anders Nilsson, obviously son of some “Nils”, and Anna Pehrsdotter, obviously daughter of some “Pehr”) and Mathilda-Fredrika Svensson in Andersson, from Raus, 1869-1952, (whose twin-sister Johanna-Bengta Svensson, naturally from Raus too, 1869-1901, in the year 1916 lent RUBEN Rausing 500 krona so as to enable him to study in Stockholm), graduated from Wallenberg’s Stockholm School of Economics in 1918, worked shortly in Wallenberg’s bank, and later was the founder of Alicante/Tetra-Pak/Tetra-Pak-International, after developing the tetrahedron packaging idea of Erik Wallenberg in 1944, which was placed into production in 1952 … Tetra-Brik [sic] came later, and that one should of course have been called Hexa-Brik …. RUBEN had 2 siblings, Anna-Margareta Rausing 1897-1946 (who married August Chronqvist 1876-1949, and had one child) and Cecil-August Rausing 1900-1975 (who married Anna-Lisa Johansson 1902-1994, and had 2 children).

RUBEN Rausing’s father, August Andersson, was active in the Svenska Missionsforbundet, the second largest religionist movement in Sweden, but RUBEN Rausing, just the way he had been willing to change the family’s last name (“Rausingen” [“the kid from Raus”] was his nickname while in compulsory military service), he also changed his own attitude towards religionist superstition, became an “atheist” (quite illogically trying to negate something that does not exist), and always opposed all religions. RUBEN Rausing had a sixth-sense for re-engineering agricultural resources, where one of his broader plans (published in Dagens Nyheter in 1953) was to dam the Baltic Sea between Sweden and Denmark in order to empty it and transform the vast basin into arable land, and later in 1969 he left Sweden to work for the United Nations Food & Agriculture Organization (FAO) in Rome, where he also headed the Fondazione Famiglia Rausing. RUBEN Rausing moved away from Sweden (in spite of the fact that a street in Lund had been named in his honor … but later, volens-aut-nolens he was brought back to Sweden to be buried, just in Raus Kyrkogard) all the way down to Switzerland because he hated government taxes, but he himself with all his corporations taxed-and-milked all milk-consumers over the entire-planet through his monopolistic packaging-patents and his companies’ parasitic invention-copyrights.

The self-proclaimed archaeologist GAD-Anders Rausing (1922-2000) married art-historian Birgit a.k.a. “BIBS” Hansson-“MAYNE” in Rausing (born in 1924, daughter of Danish painter Nils-HENRY Hansson a.k.a. “Hansen” a.k.a. ”MAYNE” 1891-1975, and his wife, shop-owner Ester in Hansson-“MAYNE”), they moved to Vaud – Switzerland, and they had 3 children, Eva-KIRSTEN-Elisabet Rausing (born in 1952), FINN-Anders-Egil Rausing (born in 1955), and JORN-Anders-Ola Rausing (born in 1960). GAD-Anders Rausing had bought-out his brother HANS-Anders Rausing’s 50% of control of Tetra-Pak in 1996, while the youngest brother SVEN-Anders-Gunnar Rausing had never had any control over any shares of Tetra-Pak.

The “Honorary Knight Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire”, knighted “Sir” HANS-Anders Rausing “KBE” (born in 1926) married in 1958 “understundom” Marit M. Norrby in Rausing (born in 1930), went to live on the New House 3,000-acre estate in Wadhurst Park, East-Sussex, in 1982 (but still maintaining the family’s Simontorp property at Blentarp and property at Torekov and on Barbados), and they had 3 children, namely Anna-LISBET-Kristina Rausing in Koerner in Baldwin (born in 1960), SIGRID-Maria-Elisabet Rausing in Hotz in Abraham (born in 1962), and HANS-KRISTIAN-Anders Rausing (born in 1963). In 2002 a Guardian investigation revealed that HANS Rausing was in receipt, in one year at least, of more from the UK Treasury in grants and rebates than he had paid in taxes. HANS Rausing heads the “Hans and Marit Rausing Charitable Trust”, the “Marit and Hans Rausing Charitable Foundation”, and Ecolean, a packaging company based in Raus that competes against Tetra-Laval, plagiarizing his father’s Rigello. HANS Rausing converted from his father’s atheism into christianist religionism of papal power-and-powder and masonic rites-and-wrongs, with secret handshakes and sacred shakedowns, getting also linked-up with the Vatican’s “Opus-Dei” and placing the revealing name “Kristian” onto his only male offspring.…-a071131320

SVEN-Anders-Gunnar Rausing (1928-2003) never married, did not have any children, and was the friend of the Italian adventurer Conte Guido Monzino-Ali’-Peirce (1928-1988), who also never married, did not have any children, and was as wealthy as SVEN Rausing, sharing with him a deep love for automobiles (Guido Monzino owned 4 Ferraris, and SVEN Rausing left to the Arvika Fordonsmuseum his collection of 500 rare model cars). SVEN Rausing had inherited a quarter of his father RUBEN Rausing’s wealth, but never got involved in the family’s packaging business. In 1953, at Lund, SVEN Rausing had translated and published the Italian fascist Alfredo Panzini’s “La pulcella senza pulcellaggio” into Swedish, “Flickan och dygden”. In 1970 SVEN Rausing (just the way his hated father RUBEN Rausing had left Sweden to avoid taxation) moved from Blentarp to Switzerland (but, just like his father RUBEN Rausing, was later buried back in Sweden, at Raus, very next to that same dictatorial father that he had tried to avoid for his entire life), namely to Lugano, on the Italian border, in order to be closer to Guido Monzino, who also had published himself several books, and who lived just across the border on Lake Como, in Villa Monzino at Moltrasio and in Villa del Balbianello at Lenno, collecting cars and memories.



… xoxo …

Kirsten Rausing, non-executive board member

Breeder Eva-KIRSTEN-Elisabet Rausing was born in Lund, studied at Wallenberg’s Stockholm School of Economics between 1973 and 1976 (just like her grandfather RUBEN Rausing had done there between 1916 and 1918), never married, did not have any children, and went to live in Newmarket, where she acquired a stud-farm of 1,000 acres, Lanwades/St-Simon/Staffordstown (she also owns property on Jamaica’s Round-Hill). KIRSTEN Rausing sat herself on the board of Tetra-Laval, a corporation with 30,000 employees headquartered in Pully/Lausanne – Switzerland, she made herself head of the charitable “Alborada Trust” (named from one of her horses), and in 2008 she became chairperson of The Thoroughbred Breeders’ Association.


FINN-Anders-Egil Rausing married the “So You Stockholm AB”-owner Monica-Elisabeth-CECILIA Rydbeck in Rausing (born in 1962, descendant of the archaeologist Sven-OTTO-Henrik Rydbeck 1872-1954, from Lund), had 3 children (2 daughters, born 1993 and 1995, live with FINN Rausing in Stockholm), and then divorced, has an MBA from 1981 from Insead, lives on Strandvagen in Stockholm (has also property in Falsterbo), became the fifth richest person in Sweden, and is chairperson of the “Ruben Rausing Institute of Applied Economics”. He is an avid hunter, and in 1997 he went hunting moose in Bergslagen with the Swedish king “KNUGEN”-Carl-XVI-Gustaf-Folke-Hubertus Bernadotte. FINN Rausing’s father, GAD Rausing, had financed archaeological excavations of Uppakra, near Lund, and the saga of Egil Skallagrimsson describes how a Viking bandit named “Egil” (900-992), sailing from the Baltic Sea between Sweden and Denmark, attacked, ransacked, and plundered the rich fortified village of Lund … so, for some reason, “Egil”, the name of the legendary bandit, was indeed chosen by GAD Rausing (may the mercy of Thor be with him) as a proper middle-name for his first male offspring.


559038-9465 (Stockholm)



c/o Rausing

Strandvägen 53

115 23 Stockholm

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Org.nummer:      559038-9465

Bolagsform:        Privat aktiebolag

Registrerat:         2015

Momsregistrerad:            Nej

F-Skatt: Nej

Reg. som arbetsgivare:   Nej

Status:   Bolaget är aktivt

Ledamot:             Finn Anders Egil Rausing


(daughter HEDVIG-Anna-Olivia Rausing born-1992

into golf …)

(daughter AMELIE-Kirsten-Charlotte Rausing born-1994

Amelie Rausing

Amelie Rausing — Education Northeastern-University 2016 BA International-Affairs — also into golf … named in memory of Amelie Varenius in Rausing, wife of RUBEN Rausing …

Intern at Future Europe Initiative — Atlantic Council — USraeltar …)


JORN-Anders-Ola Rausing studied in Lund, married the “independent sports professional” Asa-KARIN in Rausing, had 3 children, moved to Stockley-Park/Ubllid-Uxbridge/Twickenham – England (but still maintains property in Falsterbo), is attached to the Apple Trust, and is a director at the supermarket Ocado. The website reported that he had been kidnapped in 1999 and held captive for 30 days.

Anna-LISBET-Kristina-Gunhild Rausing in Koerner in Baldwin first married the son of the Austrian painter Henry Koerner (1915-1991, married to JOAN-Marlene Frasher in Koerner, son of Leo Koerner and Fanny Mager in Koerner and brother of Kurt Koerner and Olga in Koerner), namely the USraeltar Harvard art-professor JOSEPH-Leo Koerner (born in 1958, and who later married Margaret-Lendia Koster in Koerner) and they had 2 children, Benjamin-“BEN”-Henry-Anders Rausing-Koerner (at Winchester College, and the ancestor Benjamin Varenius, father of RUBEN Rausing’s mother, was his namesake) and Anna-Sigrid-“SIGGY”-Gunhild Koerner (her aunt SIGRID Rausing is her namesake), and later married the USraeltar historian and UCLA-professor PETER-Michael Baldwin (born in 1956, now living in Santa-Monica), moved to Holland Park, acquired through an offshore company — “Corrour Estate Co. Ltd” (based on the Cayman Islands) — the jewpartheid-rom Ra-Moses Safdie Corrour “Alcatraz” New Lodge 48,000-acre estate of Richard Oldfield in the West-Highlands near Fort-William on the Loch-Ossian — also under “Corrour Lands Ltd.” (a dormant-company with Timothy-Colin Brown and PETER-Michael Baldwin listed as directors), at (registrant “Alta Advisers Ltd.” [HANS-Rausing] at registrar “Opal Business Solutions Ltd.” — and made herself director of the charitable “Arcadia Trust” (formerly the “Lisbet Rausing Charitable Fund”).

… “… Lisbet Rausing

non executive director at Ingleby Farms & Forests

greater New Pork City areafarming

current  non executive director at Ingleby Farms & Forests …” …


… and, regarding Corrour … “… the estate which has a £20 million modern mansion as its centrepiece is the property of Lisbet Rausing, the daughter of Hans Rausing, the richest man in Britain, who made £4.5 billion when he sold his Tetra Pak packaging company in 1996. Lisbet’s sister, Sigrid Rausing, is the beneficial-owner of the 40,000 acre Coignafearn estate in the middle of the Monadhliadh Mountains. Lisbet Rausing, who has a firm conservation policy on her estate with plans to cull the high density deer population, remains secretive about the details of the estate ownership …” …

SIGRID-Maria-Elisabet Rausing in Hotz in Abraham first married South-African art-dealer DENNIS-Allan Hotz (born in 1948, publisher of the Art-Review and owner of the Fustic House on Barbados since 1997, and who later came together with Daniel Rowles and became friend of the flamboyant Italian collector of African-art, Carlo Monzino, younger brother of Guido Monzino …), had one son, JOSHUA-Dennis Hotz, in 1997, separated in 1999, and later married in 2003 the South-African film-producer Eric Abraham (who had escaped house-arrest in 1977 …), and they went to live in Holland Park where they bought the second largest garden in London after Buckingham Palace, and also Granta Magazine and Portobello Books/Films. SIGRID Rausing, who from time to time suffered from depression and from allergies, is a convert from her grandfather’s atheism and from her father’s krishna-christianism into the jewpartheid-rom tanakh-religionism of illogical talmudic-rituals and irrational cabalistic-superstitions, and owns a dog, Leo (from the middle-name of her former brother in law JOSEPH-Leo Koerner …), also heads the charitable “Sigrid Rausing Trust” (formerly the “Ruben and Elisabeth Rausing Trust” … for some reason the name was changed in 2003), supports her father HANS Rausing’s packaging company, Ecolean (a bad copy of Tetra-Pak’s Rigello …), and owns — through an offshore company, “Kincraig Ltd” (based on the island of Jersey …) — the Fort William Coignafearn 40,000-acre estate in the Monadhliath mountains near Inverness.

HANS-KRISTIAN-Anders Rausing married the USraeltar citizen EVA-Louise Kemeny in Rausing (born in 1964, sister of Be Kemeny in Kidd as Jack Kidd, brother of Jodie Kidd in Butler, and they are the 2 daughters of the Pepsi-Cola executive Thomas-“Tom” Kemeny and his wife Nancy in Kemeny, who live in South Carolina), moved to Chelsea, off Cadogan-Square, had four children (born on the clock in 1995, 1997, 1999, and 2001), and husband and wife (who first met in a rehab-clinic in USraeltar) were arrested in London in 2008 for possession and smuggling of heroin and crack-cocaine. They own an Audi (protagonist of the infamous A4 incident), a Ferrari, a unit on the cruise-ship “The World”, and property on Barbados, near Sandy-Lane.

Among JORN Rausing, FINN Rausing, and HANS-KRISTIAN Rausing children and families are: MAGNUS-Anders-Hans Rausing (born in 1991 at Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, now at Regent’s, into golf), Asa-KRISTINA-Lisbet Rausing (also born at Buckinghamshire, rider of Le-Charmeur, Gigolo, Fynnon, Day-of-Whisper) – London, Stefan Rausing (into rugby), Daniel Rausing (into swimming and soccer, named in memory of the pastor Daniel Varenius, grandfather of RUBEN Rausing’s mother) – Chelsea, Gustav-ANDERS-N Rausing (born in 1996, dispersed into golf, polo, and cricket) – Falsterbo/London, Anette Rausing – Zurich/Malmo/New-York, Leo Rausing (named after LISBET Rausing’s first husband), Blair Rausing, Thomas-August-ANDERS Rausing (named after HANS-KRISTIAN Rausing’s father-in-law, ANDERS Rausing), LUCY-Matilda Rausing (at – London, Sarah Rausing – Melby/Liseleje, and also some Jim Rausing, Fredrik Rausing, Margit Rausing, Jeremy Rausing, Samuel-ANDERS-Ruben Rausing, JEMIMA-Catherine Rausing, et-alii …

Kavlinge, near Lund, lists one CLARA-Elisabeth Rausing, an environmental scientist, with an income of 9 million krona and one KARL-Ludvig Rausing with an income of 7 million krona. Also KARL-Ludvig Rausing (of East Capital and of Ivide AB) – Stockholm, ASA-Maria Rausing in Roos – Raa, ALF-Anders Rausing (born in 1937, of Mikroklin AB) – Barseback, EVA-Lena Rausing (born in 1948, of Ivide AB and of Mikroklin AB) – Barseback, Dieter Rausing – Salzbergen, Ingrid Rausing – Salzbergen, Miriam Sternfeldt-Rausing – Turkey/USraeltar, Rune Rausing (into banking), Simon Rausing (Germany), Maria Rausing – Florida, Jonas Rausing – Germany, Walter Rausing, JEAN-Charles Rausing, Brandon Rausing, Andrea Rausing, Von Rausing, Paulette Rausing, Jashari Rausing, Jeremiah Rausing, et-alii …

Among the corporations which have been associated with RUBEN Rausing or his descendants are: Tetra-Pak, Alfa-Laval, Sidel, Sig, Simonazzi, Arctic-Services, Serebro, Zemlij, Greenland, Zirundium, Lactus, Lacum, Verdandi, Kincraig, Wadhurst-Park, Alta-Advisers, Corrour-Estate, Corrour-Lands, Tetra-Laval-Holdings-&-Finance, DeLaval-Holding, Swedeship-Marine, Simontorp-Sateri, Ivide, Mikroklin, So-You-Stockholm, et-coetera …

“… money can’t buy me love …”

“… do unto others what you do not want others do unto you …”

“… a Rausing is a rose is an Andersson …

“… mogli e buoi dei paesi tuoi …”

… and if you-too have raving-memories and ranting-tales of the raging-Rausings, feel-free to comment below …


(comment 1: … note that “rausing” is also a masonic term used by freemasons in construction …
… “… to makquarren, sklaitter, for the theiking of the tourheid, summa of the haill expenssis of the reparatioune of the tour heid, item, for rausing of sax …” …
“the master masons to the crown of scotland and their works” by robert- scott-mylne …)


(comment 2: … a rausing is arousing is arising …)


(comment 3: … sam rausing … “… who wrote this …? …” …)





england & wales, marriage index, 1916-2005

birth, marriage & death, including parish


name:    anna l k rausing

spouse:                baldwin

marriage:            date – city, london


name:    lisbet rausing

spouse:                baldwin

marriage:            date – city, london


name:    sigrid m e rausing

spouse:                eric a abraham

marriage:            date – city, london


name:    anna l k rausing

spouse:                joseph l koerner

marriage:            date – city, sussex


name:    sigrid m e rausing

spouse:                dennis a hotz

marriage:            date – city, london


name:    lucy matilda rausing

birth:     date – city, london


name:    asa kristina l rausing

birth:     date – city, buckinghamshire, berkshire


name:    magnus anders h rausing

birth:     date – city, buckinghamshire, berkshire


name:    thomas august a rausing

birth:     date – city, london


name:    jemima catherine rausing

birth:     date – city, london


name:    gustav anders n rausing

birth:     date – city, berkshire


name:    samuel anders r rausing

birth:     date – city, london


name:    ms eva louise rausing

birth:     year

death:   dd mm 2012 – city, greater london, england



british phone books, 1880-1984

schools, directories & church histories


name:    k rausing

residence:           year – city, cambridge


name:    k rausing

residence:           year – city, suffolk



london, england, births and christening notices from the times, 1983-2003

birth, marriage & death, including parish


name:    rausing lucy matilda

birth:     date

publication:         date


name:    rausing samuel andres ruben

birth:     date

publication:         date


name:    rausing jemima catherine

birth:     date

publication:         date


name:    rausing thomas august anders

birth:     date

publication:         date


name:    jeremiah rausing



england & wales, birth index, 1916-2005

birth, marriage & death, including parish


name:    daniel jakob a hotz

mother:               rausing

birth:     date – city, london


name:    benjamin henry a koerner

mother:               rausing

birth:     date – city, surrey, greater london, middlesex, essex


name:    kemeny eva louise

spouse:                rausing hans kristian a

marriage:            date


name:    rausing hans kristian a

spouse:                kemeny eva louise

marriage:            date




hans and marit rausing


900-acre wadhurst-park, east-sussex owned by wadhurst-park-limited …


penthouse flat off king’s road in chelsea.


hans k and eva rausing


£5 million five-story house in cadogan place, chelsea bought from the 8th earl cadogan in 1999.

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£15 million houses nelson-gay and greensleeves, a former-hotel near sandy-lane in barbados.


apartment on the world cruise ship, the largest privately-owned yacht.


lisbet rausing


bought £2.5 million three-house 1950s holland-park home in west london in 2000


remote 52,000-acre corrour-estate near fort-william, where she replaced the victorian shooting-lodge with a spectacular glass-fronted mansion designed by the boston-based jewpartheid-rom rabbi-architect ra-moses-[‘son-of-the sun’]-safdie …


sigrid rausing


bought early-georgian three-house terrace in holland-park, west-london with 2-acres of grounds for £20 million in 1997.


has a property on her father’s wadhurst-estate in east-sussex.


owns the coignafearn-estate in the monadhliath-mountains south of inverness …




… and kirsten-rausing has horse-stables in newmarket and in ireland …


… med-mera med-mera …



… see-also … “… Conte Guido Monzino-Ali’-Peirce 11 ottobre …” … on this weblog-site …

… …



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